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Southwick Regional High School Principal Cancels Spirit Week To Investigate Hate Crime Of Student Urinating On Black Fortnite Character 


Southwick Regional High School Principal Joseph Turmel cancelled school spirit week over “hateful acts” at the school that they are now investigating. Parents received this email yesterday explaining that there was no longer a safe environment at the school for fun.

Sounds serious. So what was it? Bomb threat? Swastika on the building? Hit list manifesto?

Even worse.

This was found in a toilet:

Oh no, someone took a leak on emoji Stringer Bell!

Upon closer look that appears to be a printed out picture of a Fortnite character called Commando Spitfire.

You can pee on the Fortnite cartoons, as long as they’re not part of a marginalized group. Because, equity.

Let’s suppose this was an actual hate crime incident, why would the whole school be punished for it? Oh right, because the communists believe that we all must pay the price for the sins of the few. Someone stole a loaf of bread so rations are cut for everyone. Derek Chauvin did a bad thing so we all must take a knee and give money to Patrice Cullors so she can buy her baby daddy another house in Santa Monica.

Then again, this is hardly surprising for Principal Joe “Boy’s Regular” Turmel. We blogged about him in 2018 after he banned a conservative from speaking on Veteran’s Day because he believes that men cannot become women, and then banned him from giving a scholarship out.

Keep in mind, Southwick Regional is probably the most conservative school district in the state, but yet the schools are run by communists. Their primary concern isn’t making sure kids learn or have memorable experiences, it’s to make sure those who urinate on pictures of Fortnite characters are punished to the full extent of the law.


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