Special Grandson Of 2 Judges Released On $10K Bail After Killing Chicopee Man And Leaving Scene Of Crime, Others Held On 4 Times That Bail


This is Nickolas Weichel from Chicopee and his wife Christine, who were just married last year.


Nick was murdered on Saturday, October 8, while leaving a bar in Chicopee, when a vehicle driven by a Springfield man named Nazier Grandison hit him while driving 74 mph the wrong way in a 30 mph zone. Dozens of people watched in horror as it happened and the driver left the scene of the crime.


Based on the outpouring of love on his Facebook page, Nickolas led a fulfilling life and was well respected and valued.

The maggot who killed him was charged in 2019 with A&B on a family or household member, and malicious damage to a motor vehicle, but ultimately the charges were dismissed as they often are in domestics when the victim won’t testify.


But Hampden County DA Anthony Gulluni only asked for Grandison to be held on $10K bail, which he was granted and immediately had posted for him.

What a smug piece of human garbage.

If the $10K bail seems low that’s because it is. Two months ago a man named Demian Ward was charged with motor vehicle homicide and reckless operation of a vehicle.

These are very similar charges to the ones that Nazier Grandison now faces, except Ward didn’t leave the scene of the crime, he wasn’t driving 44 mph over the speed limit going the wrong way, and he crashed into a vehicle pulling out of a gas station, not a pedestrian. He was held on $40K cash bail.

So despite the fact that he wasn’t charged with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle homicide Demian Ward was held on 4 times the bail that Grandison is for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle homicide. But yea, the criminal justice system and cash bail are racist, or something.

Last month Gulluni’s office announced a drug and gun bust in Holyoke and arrested a gang banging drug dealer named Luis Acevedo.

Acevedo is a waste of space criminal, but unlike Grandison he wasn’t charged with killing anyone. Gulluni requested $100K bail for him and got $25K instead.

That’s 2.5 times Grandison’s bail.

So why did he get this sort of leniency, despite having the prior charges for A&B on a woman? Could it be his charming personality?

Or, could it be that both of his grandparents were superior court judges? His grandfather Kenneth Grandison was the first black judge in Massachusetts history to serve on the Superior Court.

Kenneth’s wife Tina (Grandison’s paternal grandmother) was also a Superior Court judge, who retired in 2018.

They had 6 grandchildren, and the only one who was mentioned in Kenneth’s obituary was the “special grandson” Nazier.

And when you’re the “special” grandson of two powerful judges, you get released on small bail for murdering a man in cold blood and then running away from the scene of the crime like a coward.

Oh, and did I mention that last year Nazier briefly worked as a “seasonal correction officer” for the Hampden County Sheriff’s Office?

Because why wouldn’t someone who was charged with domestic A&B in 2019 get a summer job as correctional officer in 2021? After all, he’s special.

But Nickolas Weichel was special to family and friends too. Does his life matter? Did he deserve to get plowed down and left to die in the middle of the street? I would say that Gulluni is a Rachael Rollins protege who sympathizes with dangerous criminals, but clearly he believes in high bail in some cases. Just not when the criminal is a “special” violent felon like Nazier Grandison.

The criminal justice system isn’t racist, it’s classist. Nazier Grandison is a well connected black man, while Demian Ward is simple white trash. That’s why the white guy got 4 times the bail – his white skin didn’t make him special enough.


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