Springfield City Councilor Adam Gomez Deletes Gun Toting Video With Latin Kings, Defends Fired Springfield Cop Who Posted “Shoot The Fuck Back” At Police On IG


Florissa Fuentes is a 30 year old single mother who became a Springfield police officer last year and immediately rose to detective.

This is her niece Kayla Martinez, an IG influencer from Atlanta.

After career criminal Rayshard Brooks was killed by Atlanta police because he punched them, stole their taser, and fired it at one of them, she posted on IG that we need to “shoot the f*** back,” because “y’all won’t prosecute these bitch ass police.”

Her Aunt Florissa has been the center of controversy after she was fired because she shared a picture that her niece posted, depicting two BLM rioters holding signs that said, “shoot the f*** back,” and “who do we call when the murderer wears a badge.” Note she adds a heart to it, in order to show solidarity with her niece.

I would suggest that a police officer who thinks we should be shooting back on police is in the wrong line of work.

After Fuentes was fired Kayla complained about it, claiming the pictures were “anti-racist.”

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However, many in the community are supporting Fuentes.

But everyone seems to having Florissa Fuentes’ back. Stephanie Barry from Masslive wrote this puff piece about her, claiming Fuentes merely shared “a pro black lives matter image.”

However, her career was cut short in under a year. A newly promoted detective in the Special Victims Unit, Fuentes, now 30, was fired on June 19 — about a month after posting a pro-Black Lives Matter image to her personal Instagram account while off duty.

As if it matters if the most was made on her personal page while off duty. This is the same police department that fired Officer Conrad Lariviere in 2017 after he commented on a Ben Shapiro Facebook post about the woman who was killed by a white nationalist in Charlottesville by saying, “I love this, maybe people shouldn’t block roadways.” Anyone who thinks they can post whatever they want from their “personal” social media accounts and still keep their job in this day and age is too stupid to be a cop anyway.

Fuentes had been given opportunities and chances that other officers didn’t get because she played the single mom card, and was also on probation already. She lied to Masslive and told Stephanie Barry that Chief Cheryl Claprood told her to “fix it,” after she reposted the picture on IG.

Clapprood had recently promoted Fuentes, a single mother of three, and granted her a hardship concession so she could home school her children during the pandemic. But on this day, Clapprood told Fuentes she was upset, disappointed and embarrassed.

“I never told her to just fix it. That’s the issue with social media — once you post something it’s out there and you can’t retract it. That post was hurtful to many of her co-workers,” Clapprood said, adding that the move to detective was not necessarily a “promotion” but an effort to accommodate Fuentes’ struggles as a single mother.

“It was the second issue she had, and being on probation, it was my decision to terminate her employment,” the commissioner said.

She did attempt to “fix it” by posting this on a Springfield Police Facebook group:

But it didn’t go over well, and most police officers understandably felt uncomfortable working with her moving forward.

However, since Fuentes is a “woman of color,” despite passing as a blonde white woman, there is a big push to reinstate her because it’s racist, or something. State Rep Carlos Gonzalez demanded she be rehired last week, and there is a Change.org petition with over 3,000 signatures as well.

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, a Justice Democrats endorsed socialist who is trying to pull an AOC and primary long term Democratic congressman Richie Neal, has also chimed in with his support for her.

“Where is Western Mass’s representation on this? Mayor Sarno makes a very Trumpian, ‘very good people on both sides’ suggestion as he equates supporting Black Lives Matter to supporting a neo-Nazi murdering a woman protesting white supremacy, and Representative Neal has yet to utter the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ but proudly touts Sarno as his top surrogate,” Morse wrote in a campaign news release.

He’s suggesting that it’s illogical for Mayor Sarno to equate one SPD officer getting fired for the Charlottesville comment and another officer getting fired for posting that rioters should shoot back at cops. Ya know, because “shoot the fuck back” is “supporting black lives matter” in his delusional mind. Even though Richie Neal is a huge asshole who led the charge on impeachment, he’s a million times better than Alex Morse. It should be noted that Sarno is also a democrat, but people like him are no longer sufficient for radicals like Alex Morse.


Another person defending her is Springfield City Councilor Adam Gomez, who is attempting to primary Democratic State Senator James Welch.

He’s vocally supported her, says that she shouldn’t be fired because of freedom of speech, shared the image saying “shoot the f*** back” to show solidarity with her, is an outspoken advocate for defunding the police and getting rid of qualified immunity that protects police officers from frivolous civil lawsuits, and has criticized incumbent Jim Welch for opposing and then voting to end qualified immunity.

Since he’s a big tough guy he told any city employee who was upset that he shared an image saying “shoot the f*** back” to “come see me,” but then edited the post when he realized this looked bad.

Cops aren’t the only public servants he thinks are racist though. He specifically called out “white educators” on the 4th of July for being “Karens” when they wrote kids up for serious school rule violations and contacted the principal.

Working in the urban public schools is a thankless job, and a much more difficult task than teaching in a neighboring community like Longmeadow. Politicians should be supporting and thanking these teachers for doing a job they wouldn’t last a week doing, rather than demonizing them and accusing them of being racist because they hold students accountable for their behavior.

Gomez also expressed his glee when the President of Brazil got COVID, as did Northampton Public Schools JFK 8th grade math teacher Dorothy Richards Albrecht, who said that she “hopes he gets very sick.”

These people are so consumed with hate, yet they pretend they’re empathetic and care about human life. They’re so rotten to the core. I’d say this woman should be fired for being such a hateful, degenerate, and vile human being, but you’re allowed to post stuff like that and keep your job as long as the person you’re wishing death upon is a conservative.

A secret Adam Gomez has been keeping, which the media has not bothered reporting, is that he also has ties to gangs, specifically the Latin Kings. Before going on vacation some people sent me a rap video Adam was in with notorious 413 gangbanger Pedro Rivera, a well known Latin King higher up who was arrested in 2016 for threatening to kill two Springfield cops.

A 40-year-old Chicopee man who was found with a gun in his pants and two open Hennessey bottles in the front seat of his car during an early morning traffic stop is charged with threatening to kill the two officers who stopped him, police said. Pedro Rivera of Bonner Street, Chicopee, is charged with two counts of threatening to murder, possession of a loaded firearm without a license, possession of a firearm with three prior violent offences, possession of an open container, and failure to stop for a red light.

The video is now gone from YouTube:

The video, which was shot in 2013, featured Gomez and Pedro Rivera talking about killing people, dealing drugs, and showed Rivera flashing a gun.

Adam Gomez only took the video down after being questioned about it on his Facebook page. He claimed he was just “in the music industry” though, and they were making a parody.

According to him it was all a big joke. They weren’t really carrying guns, selling drugs, and threatening to kill people. It’s not like his Latin King friend Pedro Rivera has ever done anything like that before.

They also shoot a pig in the video, and Rivera is seen bumping several lines of cocaine. Don’t worry though, that’s just flour according to Adam Gomez, and the gun was fake.

Same guy wants to “end gun violence” too.

Shortly after he was questioned about the video he had the video taken down and did a video montage about how he “came a long way” from the gang banging drug dealer he was in 2013.

Adam Gomez is the face of the black lives matter movement. This is who they really stand with, and what they stand for. Violence against police, and supporting cops that spread their message, and gang members pushing drugs and violence in our communities.


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