Springfield Court Denies Jeffrey McAdam’s Criminal Wiretapping Complaint Against Turtleboy For Recording Zoom Hearing Of Previous Criminal Complaint


Breaking news – two months after Jeffrey McAdam (AKA Big Black Jeffrey (BBJ), AKA Sgt. Sausage) filed a criminal complaint against Turtleboy for wiretapping a hearing for a previous criminal complaint that was heard by a magistrate in Springfield District Court, the same court has denied the wiretapping complaint.


For those of you unfamiliar, allow me to catch you up:

  • It was later discovered that BBJ was a serial rapist, accused by many women of grooming them, performing oral sex on them when they were passed out drunk, and penetrating them during massages by making them feel comfortable because they thought he was gay
  • He tried and failed twice to obtain restraining orders on me for writing the blogs about him in an attempt to silence me and his victims
  • In July of last year he filed a criminal complaint against me for harassment, stalking, and hate crimes
  • The hearing was held on July 19, but was cut short because there was a lot of people in the court and I had to pick my daughter up at the bus stop. This was a clip from the short hearing that day.

  • The hearing was postponed until November, and was one of my greatest performances in court as I represented myself and defended the First Amendment. The criminal complaint was denied.
  • Because I’ve had trouble with this court obtaining court audio in the past from this court, I recorded the hearing from my office (and it was hilarious) but did not publish the video for the public to see.
  • I shared the video with a woman named Cristina Yakimowsky, who turned out to be a lunatic
  • Cristina later decided to align herself with an abusive woman who lost her kids to the state, and decided to help out the rapist BBJ by showing screenshots of our conversation and ultimately providing him with the video. She also provided assistance to Rian Waters, a man who was arrested for beating his girlfriend in front of her daughter and killing her 10 month old puppy 

  • BBJ was encouraged by another lunatic named Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre, who called herself “the storm” and created social media accounts dedicated to posting my private conversations and helping criminals like Waters and BBJ. Labarre vowed to end Turtleboy once and for all and urged BBJ to pursue a criminal complaint against me for wiretapping, even though it is impossible to wiretap a courtroom because both parties already know they are being recorded.
  • On April 13 the hearing was held and 2 months later I received word that I won again
  • Now that I’ve won I can shared the video from the November criminal complaint hearing, since it’s not wiretapping. It’s actually hilarious, as the magistrate lost complete control of the hearing. BBJ was attempting to have me charged with harassment because he claimed that I called his phone and threatened to kill him, and created fake profiles on Facebook to do the same. As you will hear, he had no evidence of any of this and I had to explain to him how free speech works. If you wanna have a good laugh, start watching around the 22:00 mark. At 23:50 I officially announced “case dismissed.”



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In the court’s ruling they claim that the blog is “somewhat controversial” and “known for crass content,” which is not true. We’re no more controversial than CNN or Fox News, and although the people we cover may be crass, our job is to expose them.


My case was bolstered by the case of Joe Curtatone vs. Barstool Sports, in which Kirk Minihane conducted a 20 minute interview with Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, and pretended to be disgraced Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen. This was not wiretapping either, since Curtatone knew he was being recorded, he just didn’t know by who. For that reason Curtatone’s lawsuit was thrown out. That case was cited a couple times in my case with BBJ.


According to the statute for someone to be charged criminally with wiretapping the interception of audio must be secret. Therefore, it is impossible to wiretap a courtroom since all participants are made aware when proceedings begin that they are being recorded. Additionally, the court found that I was the protected party, not Jeffrey. The court seeks to protect the privacy of innocent people who have been falsely accused of crimes (which I was by Jeffrey since his original complaint was denied) because even the stain of an accusation can be damaging. The complainant has no right to privacy. Therefore, the only party with a privacy complaint who could possibly be a victim in this was me. I victimized myself and no one else. The court also blamed itself for not clearly stating that you are not allowed to record your computer screen.

This is actually groundbreaking case law that can be used in other cases throughout the state. The magistrate that day was more intrigued by the case than anything, since no case like this has ever been settled in court. Is someone with a Ring camera in their house guilty of wiretapping if the camera picks up a Zoom conversation? If the court is recording the proceedings then why can’t someone else? These are public courtrooms after all, and when you bring a complaint into court other parties in the courtroom with you can hear it, so why shouldn’t the world be able to hear it? This has major free speech implications.

I didn’t need a lawyer to defend myself in this case because I’ve had a lot of practic defending the First Amendment in court, but more than anything I have common sense. I laughed at all the idiots, like Shannon Labarre, who thought this “wiretapping” nonsense would stick.

Pro tip – don’t get your legal advice from people like this.

What time’s that storm coming?


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