Springfield Police Report No Foul Play In Death Of Achim Bailey But Questions Remain


James Villalobos of Western Mass News is reporting that the body discovered in the Connecticut River in Longmeadow was Achim Bailey, and in a twist there were no signs of foul play.

If the cops say there’s no foul play then that likely means he was not murdered. The Springfield PD is holding a press conference at 1:15, so we will find out more. I’m just as baffled as the rest of you right now. How do you end up in the CT River without foul play? To me that sounds like he wasn’t choked, beaten, stabbed, or shot. But you can still be throw in that river without foul play being detected, and if you enter it in January you’re probably not going to survive.

Just to review, in late January a complete stranger named Dante Pagan, who happens to sell cell phones (that are likely stolen) on Facebook for a living, randomly “found” Achim’s full functional cell phone and turned it on after it had been on the railroad tracks for 2 weeks.

He said he was up at 5 AM, in the pitch dark, looking for clues to find out where this complete stranger could be.

He took shots at the police and claimed that God directed him to find the phone.

His story was obviously full of holes and many began to understandably assume that he knew something about Achim’s disappearance that he wasn’t saying. He wisely elected to do a 30 minute interview in order to clarify some things, and despite saying “just to clarify” a billion and one times, only made himself look more shady.

The shadiest part about that interview is still how he discussed the death of his “grandfather” decades ago, who was missing for the same amount of time Achim was, and who Dante claims was found in the CT River.

A lot of people are speculating that maybe Achim slipped and fell into the river because he was drunk. Achim was seen on video at 3 AM. He had over 2 hours to walk off whatever drunkess he was feeling. I find it very hard to believe he just slipped and fell into river, although it’s certainly possible.

However, it still doesn’t explain how Dante found that phone. His story still makes zero sense and he did not find that phone and turn it on. That was a lie, and a physical impossibility. As I’m writing this the SPD is holding a news conference about it:

Quote about Dante:

“We interviewed him at length. It didn’t yield as new additional information.”

They also warned people not to get too drunk, alluding to the possibility that they’re running with the narrative that he fell into the river and he was not killed. This would obviously be much easier for the police, but I have faith that this is just what they’re saying publicly, and that they are still investigating Dante. How can they not? These are murder police. They’re not stupid. They watched the interview with Dante. They know that nothing he said made any sense at all. Even if they can’t pin a murder on him, it’s plain as day that he’s lying and obstructing in this case.

Some have speculated that Dante purchased the cell phone off of whoever killed Achim, and only “found” it when he realized what he had in his possession. If that’s true it means that he knows who killed him and is covering it up. Who knows what’s true though. I just find it very hard to believe that Achim dropped his cell phone on the railroad tracks, accidentally fell into the river, and then Dante found his fully functional phone two weeks later.

Our condolences to the Bailey family, who seem like great people. This is a sad day for them, but at least they finally have closure. And thank you to James Villalobos for his relentless pursuit of the truth and his steadfast reporting.


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