Springfield Woman Alleges Lyft Driver Abandoned Her In Holyoke, Stole Wallet And Keys, Also Says She’s “Cautiously” Doing Fentanyl


A Springfield woman named Julie Rocco-Wells is alleging that a Lyft driver stole from her in a post that was making the rounds on Facebook earlier this week.

Before we address these claims it’s important to point out that she has twice previously been a featured guest on Turtleboy.

Ms. Rocco-Jewels, who some have referred to as “Emily Thickinson,” is allegedly a freelance writer, who admittedly has struggled with drug addiction. She made her Turtleboy debut in 2018 when she cashed in on a $2,300 GoFundMe to buy a computer so she could write a book, and then immediately started another one to make it look like she didn’t raise that much money on the first one.

Freelance writing doesn’t pay unless you can find someone willing to pay for your writing, she didn’t want to get a job, so she had people subsidize her perpetual unemployment.

Months later Bristol blogged about her after she posted a picture of a woman in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom who she had allegedly given Narcan to after an overdose. I’m sure this woman felt great about one of the lowest moments of her life being posted on a stranger’s Facebook page so they could get pats on the back for being a hero.

So this is the type of person we are dealing with here, and Felipe the Lyft driver is the latest person she’s used Facebook to publicly shame. But the story doesn’t check out for several reasons:

  • She says her Lyft driver added a stop to her drive home and she agreed, but then later said that she chose that destination
  • She said she was surprised to be abandoned in Holyoke at 11 PM, but later said that he had left when she didn’t come out of the first destination fast enough
  • She claims that all of her belongings were left in the car but Felipe stole them and denied that she left them there
  • She says she’s not getting strange phone calls and insinuated that Felipe might be dangerous because he (gasp) knows where she lives
  • Someone dropped her car keys off at CVS, they called her to tell her that, and now she’s freaking out because someone could’ve made copies of her keys
  • She’s not broke and doesn’t have an ID so she can’t go to Pennsylvania this weekend to seek out help for a “certain health matter”
  • She claimed she paid for a ride both ways and tipped Felipe, even though you don’t tip a Lyft driver until after the ride is completed, which she says never happened because she was abandoned
  • She wants Lyft to reimburse her for the ride she supposedly paid for and never got but that isn’t happening so it’s “theft”

Gee whiz, I wonder what she was doing in Holyoke at 11 PM? What can you buy in Holyoke around that time? Can’t think of anything a “recovering” drug addict who carries Narcan around with her could purchase there.

Either way, this isn’t how ride share companies work. Everything is traceable. If she paid to get from point A to point B and Felipe didn’t bring her there, it’s an easy fix. No pun intended.

After getting called out by her own friends who clearly knew something was up, the next day she dirty deleted and announced that she had relapsed.

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Blah, blah, blah, pay attention to me, blah, blah, blah.

Two days later she was still complaining about Felipe, while virtue signaling about how she was going to beat addiction this time.

Yesterday she announced that she hasn’t showered in a few days, but she did get some of her belongings replaced after she lost it and blamed it on Felipe for “stealing it.” She’s also now using fentanyl “cautiously” because Fentanyl is something that it’s OK to consume in moderation now.

Yes, that’s right – she’s announcing to the world that she’s doing fentanyl, but she’s clean because there’s no needles involved.

“Officer, I’ve only had a little fentanyl, and I smoked it. Nothing to see here.”

And I still can’t figure out what she was doing in Holyoke that night.

This woman has an army of friends and strangers who tell her how great she is because her online persona is that of a loving mother trying to reunite with her family while battling drug addiction. They thing they’re supporting her when they tell her how strong she is for (checks notes) doing fentanyl.


Ya see all those people? They’re the real problem. This woman is obviously in serious need of psychological and medical help, and this crowd of trained seals, looking for an inspirational story, are telling this woman how proud they are of her so that she can feel good about herself and convince herself that her recovery is going just fine. She has no reason to correct her behavior because enablers like this tell her she’s doing great.

We blog about people like this because their lies aren’t harmless. They’re defrauding people, playing on their heartstrings, posting embarrassing pictures of other drug addicts for Facebook likes, and smearing innocent people like poor Felipe because they can’t get their life together.


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