State Legislators React To Violent Attack On Shirley Corrections Officers By Proposing Laws To Give More Rights To Convicts


Three corrections officers were seriously hurt in an orchestrated attack by inmates at Souza-Baranowski prison in Lancaster last week. We spoke with many CO’s who blamed it on the 2016 “criminal justice reform” bill signed by Governor Charlie Baker. The CO’s union has officially released a statement about the incident.

Union spokesperson Guy Glodis, former Sheriff of Worcester County, said in the release the Criminal Justice Reform Act, which was passed in 2016, “has allowed inmates to manipulate the system and engage in violent action, increased gang activity, intimidation and assaults on officers and other inmates.” Information released by the department did not address the conditions that led to the attack. The Criminal Justice Reform Act shortened some long federal prison sentences and enforced rules to improve conditions for prisoners, among other things.

Not a single person who signed this bill has ever worked in a jail. They’ve never lived amongst these animals, and they know nothing about them. Everything the believe comes from a theory in their head that being nice to convicted criminals will help them reform their ways. In reality they’re in jail in the first place because all other measures to rehabilitate them have failed. They are there to be kept away from civilized populations, not to get out faster.

But there are more bills currently working their way through the Statehouse that will give prisoners even more rights. This is State Rep David Rodgers who represents Mitt Romney’s 18th hometown of Belmont.

He’s never lived anywhere close to a gang member, which is why he’s drafted a bill that will outlaw solitary confinement for inmates 21 and under for more than 48 hours.

If any of those animals in the video are 21 or younger they’ll be back in general population in just two days when this bill passes.

This is Representative Kay Khan, a woman who crew up in Wellesley and now represents Newton.

She recently sponsored a bill that will use taxpayer money to fund transportation for people to visit their criminal family members in jail.

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This is a priority for her.

This is State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz.

She likely represents more criminals than any other legislator in the state, since she’s in charge of such fine places as Roxbury and Meth Mile. Instead of cleaning those places up she’s sponsoring a bill that will mandate corrections officers sit through a “training session” on “the importance of ongoing visitation to individuals who are incarcerated.” These training materials will be provided by ex-prisoners and Prisoners Legal Services.

Corrections officers being taught by prisoners who may have attacked them seems like a completely backwards way to reform the criminal justice system, but that’s just because I’m not woke enough to see the big picture, or something.

According to Chang-Diaz the biggest problem CO’s face isn’t the fact that they’re defenseless and getting beaten by gang members, it’s that they don’t know how to be nice to people who visit their raping and murdering family members.

This is State Rep Marjorie Decker.

As you might’ve guessed by looking at her, she represents northern Cambridge, including Harvard Square. A place where wealthy white people like her and Elizabeth Warren have gentrified and priced out many people of color they pretend to care so much about. She sponsored the exact same bill Chang-Diaz did, except in the House instead of the Senate.

This is State Senator William Bronwsberger who also represents Belmont, along with Watertown, the Back Bay of Boston, and Brighton.

His biggest priority right now is making sure prisoners get free phone calls, because the taxpayers haven’t provided enough for violent offenders.

He’s also pushing for a minimum wage for convicts, as well as price controls on items for purchase in the commissary.

Because we all need to make sure that people like Josh Abrams are able to buy more Frito’s while serving time for raping and assaulting women.

Here’s what a CO from Walpole tells us about commissary.

Let me tell you about Walpole’s new seg unit. It was 10 block. Now it’s located in DDU. It’s now called LPU. Limited privileges unit. Now you go there for a fight, drugs or staff assault. Now when they get to the cell they automatically get a radio and head phones. Also the ability to but Doritos, bbq Corn chips and Oreos. Now dues that sound like punishment for assaulting a CO.

And finally, this is State Rep Mike Connolly.

He represents the eastern part of Cambridge as well as southern Somerville. His plan to make jails safer includes sponsoring a bill that will make it so that prisoners can have unlimited visitors.

Because that’s what’s really important.

These people represent a plot of land that probably makes up 1% of the actual state. And according to the CO we spoke with prisoners also abuse the “mental health” loopholes.

DDU has an inmate. The one who stabbed his lawyer in the court room years back. He’s has been on a fake mental health eye ball watch for over a year. The admin and mental health are afraid of him and they do any he wants. So for over a year now a CO has been sitting in front of his cell 24/7. All together with the 3 shifts you’re looking at about $1,000 in payroll a day. He’s not suicidal. It’s all a show. Tax payers money going right down the drain. With meds and food and housing he costing the state about half a million a year. For what? Nothing because they are afraid of him. Send him to a real prison and he probably wouldn’t last 5 days alive. 

It’s one thing when a bunch of radical SJWs elect people like this who sponsor laws like these. It’s a completely different thing when Governor Baker signs them into law instead of vetoing them, because he wants to show these people that he’s one of the “good Republicans,” who doesn’t care about the safety of CO’s. As usual, Charlie Baker has proven himself to be a spineless coward whose only goal is to maintain his high approval rating.


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