Canton Cover-Up Part 14: State Police, Norfolk County DA’s Office Are Intentionally Hiding Library Surveillance Footage Showing Karen Read’s Unbroken Tail Light, 3 Point Turn Never Happened

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The official story from police and the Norfolk County DA’s Office are telling is that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe by intentionally backing into him while doing a three point turn outside of the 34 Fairview Road, leaving him to die in the snow. We know this can’t be true for several reasons, but as it turns out she never did a three point turn at all.

Yesterday Karen Read’s defense attorney David Yanetti filed a motion in court to compel discovery that the Commonwealth is intentionally hiding from them. Many of these things were requested almost a year ago and the Norfolk County DA’s Office has intentionally been disregarding court orders to provide the defense with this evidence, much the same way they did by not turning over Jennifer McCabe’s incriminating Google searches and deleted phone calls. In particular they are asking for John O’Keefe’s clothing to test for DNA, tail light fragments “found” at the scene by Trooper Michael Proctor, and video from the Canton Public Library on the night O’Keefe was killed.

The court previously allowed a motion from Yanetti to compel the State Police to hand over John O’Keefe’s clothing for DNA testing:

They still have not done so. His clothing is suspected to have DNA from the Albert’s dog on it, which would prove he was inside their house. Why are the State Police intentionally obstructing a murder investigation of a police officer? Why are they allowed to ignore court orders from judges? Are they above the law?

ADA Lally confirmed in an email that he would be contacting the MSP crime lab to get them to send over the clothing, but he never did.

Why is ADA Lally intentionally covering up the murder investigation of a Boston Police Officer?

The court allowed a motion from the defense to compel the State Police to preserve any DNA evidence from John O’Keefe’s body, but the defense has never been sent anything.

Why are the State Police obstructing an investigation into the murder of a Boston Police Officer?

But most interestingly they have not handed over video footage from the Canton Public Library on the night when John O’Keefe was killed, despite the fact that the library’s IT director Louis Jutrus had provided MSP Trooper Matthew Dunne with the footage.

The Canton Library is on the way from Brian Albert’s house to John O’Keefe’s house, and is circled in pink on the map:

Karen Read would have driven by there after allegedly hitting O’Keefe with her car, breaking her tail light, and leaving fragments of it next to his body. Surveillance video from the library would show whether or not Karen’s tail light was broken when she drove by. If the tail light wasn’t broken, as anyone with common sense knows it wasn’t at that time, then it would prove she never hit O’Keefe, and that Michael Proctor planted evidence when he arrived hours later.

Conversely, if her tail light WAS broken in the Canton Library surveillance tapes, then why isn’t the Commonwealth using that as evidence? They have the tapes, but the defense does not. Surely they would be using that to their advantage to prove that she did it.

But the fact of the matter is that her tail light wasn’t broken because she never struck O’Keefe. Ring camera footage from O’Keefe’s house shows her backing into his Chevy Traverse, moving it slightly, and causing at least one bulb to go out.

Additionally, the Commonwealth is alleging that Karen Read intentionally backed into O’Keefe while doing a three point turn. Except that doesn’t make any sense either. According to Trooper Proctor’s interview with Ryan Nagel, Mr. Nagel arrived at 34 Fairview Road at almost the same time Karen Read did, and was there to pick up his sister Julie Nagel. He said that he took a left hand turn onto Fairview Road from Cedarcrest Road, and while he was approaching Fairview he saw Karen Read’s car from the opposite direction on Cedarcrest. He allowed her to turn left onto Fairview first.

This is a map of the neighborhood, with Read’s car direction in green and Nagel’s in pink.

This is what the intersection looked like.

Nagel said that Read pulled up along the curb in front of the flagpole, while he pulled over along the driveway.

He stated that John O’Keefe was not in her car and not on the ground, so he could only be inside the house. He heard no screaming or noises, and did not notice any damage to her tail lights.

Karen and Ryan’s vehicles were both facing south on Fairview Rd. When Karen went back to John’s house she would have continued to drive south on Fairview:

So then why would she do a three point turn? Why would she reverse directions to go the longer way to his house? The answer is that she never did a three point turn, she never hit John O’Keefe, and while she was driving home he was being murdered.

I continue to be amazed by the media’s complicity in covering up this story. On the Boston 25 News story about these recent press filings they brag about how “25 Investigates” first reported these motions. They also refer to Karen Read as O’Keefe’s former girlfriend.

Except she was his girlfriend when he died and they never broke up. This language is intentional by the media because it’s designed to make you think that Karen Read was a scorned ex-girlfriend who took out her anger on O’Keefe for ending their relationship. Their “reporting” also:

  • Doesn’t mention why the defense is asking for this evidence, or that the state has intentionally been keeping it from them
  • Says that 34 Fairview Road is “owned by another Boston police officer,” but doesn’t ever say the name Brian Albert
  • Mentions relatives and witnesses for the prosecution who were in the house, but doesn’t name any of them or what they do for work
  • Mentions Jennifer McCabe’s Google searches but doesn’t explain the timeline for why it was so incriminating for her to Google “how long to die in snow” at 2:27 AM
  • Calls Jennifer McCabe a “relative of the homeowner”
  • Says that “according to the defense” text messages were deleted, when it’s actually according to a digital forensic expert
  • Says that the defense claims that autopsy reports show that O’Keefe was beaten, but never shows the autopsy reports
  • Never mentions the presence of Colin Albert in the house
  • Doesn’t mention that Brian Albert is a trained MMA fighter

Here are never seen before images of the autopsy reports.

Critics have argued that showing these images is insensitive to O’Keefe’s family, but what’s really insensitive to the family is covering up for his murderers. They need to see those images. One look at them and you know that a car going 5 mph in reverse didn’t cause two swollen eyes, a gash on the back of his head, dog bites on his arm, and black and blue knuckles that look like he just got into a fight. The O’Keefe family has a restraining order on Read that prevented her from attending his funeral and contacting them to tell them the truth. They are being shielded from learning what really happened to him by the same people who killed him, and should ask the court to drop the order against Karen Read immediately.

I understand that it’s much easier for the family if Karen Read killed John O’Keefe in a fit of rage. His niece is friends with Jennifer McCabe’s daughter. Think how hard it would be for her to come to terms with the fact that her good friend’s mother helped orchestrate the coverup of her uncle’s murder. Canton is their home and their community, and Karen Read has no ties to that community. She is not their mother. It’s so much simpler to cut ties with her than it would be to cut ties with their entire world.

But the truth still matters, and Karen Read is a human being who does not deserve to rot in jail so that John O’Keefe’s children are protected from finding out what these monsters did to their uncle.

P.S. This is how the Canton Police Department preserved O’Keefe’s blood from the scene of the crime.

Mickey Mouse murder police.


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