State Police Union Estimates Up To 1/3 Of Mass Troopers Will Be Laid Off For Refusing COVID Vaccine


Over the last few weeks I’ve been receiving a number of emails from concerned Massachusetts State Troopers about the mandatory vaccine deadline for state workers on October 17, and the discussions going on behind closed doors at SPAM union meetings.

Other state entities going through the same thing as the MSP include the MBTA, which has over 6,500 employees and only 20% have been vaccinated. Of the unvaccinated an estimated 80% are minorities who will now be facing termination. Measures are being made to prepare the National Guard in MA to take over as bus drivers for the bus driver shortage that will come from termination over the mandate (Which is insane!). The Department of Corrections in MA has approximately 1,000+ unvaccinated employees who would be facing termination.

In addition to the unvaccinated numbers there are a tremendous number of vaccinated employees who are refusing to get the boosters which would dramatically increase the number of personnel who are up for termination throughout every profession currently affected by the mandate. Every MSP meeting has had members united (Vaccinated or not) in their stance against the mandate.

Troopers I have spoken with estimate that with the vaccine and booster requirement close to 1/3 of State Police will be laid off. I asked if members would give in if they had to choose between the vaccine and their livelihoods.

When push comes to shove obviously some will crumble and take it. So I’d estimate of the unvaccinated would be 350 would never get it out of the 600 unvaccinated. Additionally another 300 + of the 1200 vaccinated would refuse the boosters. I think we would see the job realistically losing 600-650 which is a third of the department. There could very well be many more in the silent majority, all members vaxed or unvaxed are against the mandate completely. The union is scared to talk about strikes or the blue flu because the day we strike is the day we’re terminated. That is unless the entire job did it as a United front but there will always be some that will just follow orders or are too scared to give up their job in the end. Union meetings have been heated and the people on the job have been very united and vocal against the mandate. Unfortunately that is all behind closed doors and the majority of the public is unaware of the potential impact. 

Many are willing to take a stand though, pointing out how allowing the government to force something into your body against your will will set a dangerous precedent.

This is the Hill we need to make a stand on and fight to the end. It is the most intrusive order ever given and if we allow the government to determine what they inject into our body where will it end. Down the road when they ask us to take away the public’s guns and you say OK that is the line I will not cross, you will look back and see that you have already lost your best soldiers in the fight (And left which a bunch of yes man who just follow any order). 

And it’s true. Natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine, which thus far has proven to do almost nothing when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID. Most State Troopers are healthy and not in any danger of dying from the virus, and it should be their right to make their own healthcare decisions.

Perhaps most disturbing of all is that the state now gets to decide if your religious exemption is sufficiently religious enough for them.

Additionally for the religious exemption form, we will need to provide additional documentation or proof that the vax is against our religious belief. Religious exemption forms (For flu) used to be a simple checked box and no questions asked. Now they are having us go through a process and ultimately prove ourselves every step of the way and then someone determines if our religious beliefs are good enough for the exemption. 

Thus far every religious exemption request I have seen has been denied. If you don’t see the danger in allowing the government to decide what you put into your body AND what your religion means, then by the time you do find out it will be too late.

Here’s another email from a trooper:

All throughout this pandemic, as essential workers serving and protecting the community, day in and out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have diligently worked through it all without complaining or worrying about our personal safety in regards to this pandemic and simultaneously without having the ability to take a “vaccine” to protect us in our duties. And on the other side of this, we are all fine.

As Troopers, we are experts on identifying, managing and mitigating risk on multiple levels. We have been able to work through this over the past nearly 2 years now, and not have this be even a small issue.

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Over the spring and summer, social distancing, masks, etc have stopped for the most part with no drastic rise in cases. The only rise in recent cases is the Delta variant, which is from approximately 75% “vaccinated” people. In the mean time, more and more statistics and information (not found on the mainstream, left wing, paid off, media stations) that place the efficacy of this jab in question. As well as personally observing countless people have nearly immediate negative side effects ranging from mild, moderate, severe and even fatal.

Now, all of the sudden, we get a surprise Executive Order that demands we comply, receive this MRNA gene therapy experimental injection, or be terminated without question and lose the ability to provide for our families. While all along, we were out there working through this entire pandemic, potentially risking the safety of our own families from this, oh so deadly virus, to keep everyone else’s safe.

Keep in mind, this same organization once hired a drug dealer they investigated without doing any sort of background search. They’re more concerned about making sure you put something into your body that you don’t want than they are about your criminal history.

What is happening right now is an abomination. We are in danger of laying off healthcare workers and police officers in the name of public health and safety. These “essential workers” are the people we were told were heroes for going to work while the rest of us were told to hide in our homes until the virus went away. Some died from COVID, but many of those who did not now have natural immunity. If we trusted them to go to work before a vaccine existed then why don’t we trust them now?

I was willing to getting vaccinated before, but I never will now, and it’s entirely the government’s fault. If the vaccine was so necessary and great then people would be lining up to get it. But instead the virus continues to spread and our leaders have scapegoated and dehumanized the unvaccinated in an attempt to turn us against each other and make you forget that this was their failure, and it’s working.

P.S. – Stop paying lawyers to sue the state over the mandate. Any lawyer with an ounce of ethics knows it’s a losing battle, as every case thus far has been thrown out. These attorneys prey on desperate people and give them false hope.



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