State Rep Liz Miranda Had Sexual Affair With Convicted Murderer Who Violated Parole To Meet Her In New Jersey, Threatened Pregnant Woman, Lied Under Oath To Get Prevention Order 


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This is State Rep Liz Miranda.

She is one of the authors of last year’s “police reform” bill, and she is not a fan of Turtleboy, which she calls a “trash blog.”

She has represented neighborhoods in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan since getting elected in 2018 without any real challengers. Literally anyone with a D next to their name can get elected in the Fifth Suffolk District.

Miranda champions herself as a radical progressive, and politically she aligns herself with people like Rachael Rollins and Ayanna Pressley.

She graduated from Wellesley along with fellow Communist State Rep Lindsay Sabadosha from Amherst, and was recently the commencement speaker there.

She claims to be a champion for people of color and women, particularly on issues of criminal justice, maternal care, and domestic violence in communities of color.

For her tireless work advancing anti-police legislation she was named as one of the Best Politicians of 2021 by Boston Magazine.

But this is all just a front. Liz is from Dorchester initially, but came from a good enough family that she was able to get into Wellesley. Despite now being a complete sellout to respectable woke culture she has a long and documented history of extremely ratchet behavior on Twitter though. She constantly has to let the world know that although she rocks a pant suit now, she’s still a hoodrat at heart.

I began retweeting some of her finer work in anticipation of this blog this afternoon, and while I was writing it she blocked me, then made her Twitter and Instagram accounts private. Screenshots are forever though, so just remember – this woman writes legislation and lectures other people about decency.


Yikes! That’s not becoming of an elected official. Neither is blocking concerned constituents and members of the media.

In June it was brought to my attention that a woman in Detroit named Rosalind Simpson had applied for a restraining order against Miranda. Here’s the after David (AKA affidavit).

Simpson posted a screenshot of an email she wrote to Secretary of State Bill Galvin, alleging that Liz Miranda was providing felatio to her then fiance, who recently got out of jail after a 22 year sentence for murder. According to her this man cannot leave the state, but met up with Miranda in New Jersey for sex.

I reached out to Rosalind in June when I first saw this but never heard back from her until this week. As it turns out Miranda filed for a retaliatory harassment order in Roxbury District Court, where she appeared with her good friend Rachael Rollins. Miranda was attempting to shut this woman up because she had contacted so many elected officials and Wellesley College to let them know that she had slept with Simpson’s parolee fiance while Simpson was pregnant.

Rosalind Simpson never made up a fake account pretending to be Miranda, and never impersonated her. This was a lie she made up in an attempt to silence this woman who had the potential to hurt her politically. However, due to the fact that Miranda had the backing of Rollins and other powerful politicians, she was believed and the order was granted.

Infidelity is not a crime, and it’s never something I’ve cared much about. People’s personal lives are personal. But the man Miranda was sleeping with, Cornelius Sims-Webb, is a convicted murderer who was granted parole in February of 2020. As condition of his parole he is not allowed to leave the state of Michigan.

Miranda met “Corn” on Instagram and made many visits to Detroit to see him. She has been commenting on his IG account since at least October of 2020.

While she was in Detroit she stayed at a hotel, knowing full well that he had a pregnant fiance who he posted pictures of on social media, and she represented the trip as a cultural and political experience.

Three weeks later in November Miranda and Corn agreed to meet up in Newark, NJ, where he posted pictures of himself violating his parole.

Two weeks later they met up in Newark again, where she pretended to be visiting to learn about domestic violence prevention. She posted an image on IG with Corn in it.

Liz Miranda was far from Corn’s only side piece. He was in the can for 22 years and had a stable of mistresses, all of which Rosalind found out about. She messaged all of them to inform them that he was her fiance and the father of her unborn child, and the only one who didn’t respond was Liz Miranda.

However, Rosalind did notice that Liz was viewing her stories on IG, since it tells you who did that.

Score 4 More Inc is an inner-city mentoring non-profit that Liz Miranda is a part of.

There is no reason for that account to have viewed a random woman from Detroit’s IG story, unless they were stalking her. Liz Miranda is the only person associated with Score 4 More Inc who would’ve had a reason to do this.

Her story was also viewed by a man named Kevin Higgins.

Kevin is Miranda’s legislative aide.

Why would this man be looking at a woman in Detroit’s Instagram account? Was he ordered to by Miranda after she was blocked? Did Miranda log into his account? Either way, it’s unbecoming of an elected official to stalk a woman online like this.

Getting caught social media stalking is why Liz Miranda made up the lie about Rosalind “impersonating” her online, which she then used to obtain an order in court.

This is perjury, and an innocent woman now has an order out against her because of it. Judges trust elected officials like Liz Miranda, especially when they have the backing of powerful people like Rachael Rollins. Instead of owning up for her behavior she deflected, made up a lie, and attempted to appropriate her behavior onto a Rosalind.

This afternoon when I began retweeting all the times Liz Miranda used racial slurs on Twitter she used the same exact “I was hacked” excuse to cover for her deplorable behavior.

Hacked……again. Funny how that only happens when she’s caught doing something that could ruin her political career. Luckily “it’s been fixed,” whatever that means.

But how could she be hacked if these tweets were from 10 years ago? And why did they go on for years without her realizing it?

The answer of course, is that she’s once again lying. She claims to be a progressive, but in actuality she’s just another power hungry, dishonest politician who will say and do anything to stay in power.

It should be noted that Rosalind Simpson is an abused woman, which Liz Miranda is well aware of.

Corn frequently beat her, but she kept him around anyway. Miranda presents herself as a voice for victims of domestic violence like her. Yet she still used her position and power to get an order against this woman while continuing to have sex with her abuser. Guess the “unavailable n words” aren’t so unavailable to her now.

She’s also gotten over her distaste for men who just had babies with another woman.

And despite not liking Floyd Mayweather for being a domestic abuser, she’s suddenly OK with associating with a domestic abuser.

Despite being a champion for women she filmed this video of Corn at the strip club, smacking booties on masked dancers.

You can see a jacket in the foreground of that video. Here’s Miranda wearing that same jacket in Rosalind Simpson’s Cadilliac while visiting him in Detroit.

Rosalind first found out about them in November of 2020 and reached out to Miranda but never heard back. Their baby was due on Valentine’s Day, but Corn assaulted Rosalind in late January while he was on the phone with Miranda, and she heard the whole thing. The baby came early (January 29) as a result of the beating. Shortly after that Rosalind attempted to reach out to Miranda again.

Finally Miranda wrote back, threatening to serve her with an order.


Miranda attempted to belittle the victim of domestic violence by bragging about her “Ivy League” degree from Wellesley College.

Good thing she went to Wellesley so she could settle down with a murdering parolee with a GED.

Miranda lied and said she had a home in Detroit, and wasn’t staying at hotels to meet up with Corn.

She claimed not to be a “side bitch” or have any knowledge of Corn’s domestic violence issues, despite having stalked Rosalind on IG and hearing him beat her.

She justified her relationship by telling the mother of Corn’s child that Simpson was not his woman.


Miranda threatened her again, falsely claiming to be a licensed attorney in Michigan.

Miranda bragged about how she “got my own everything” and accused Simpson of being whipped.

Even Corn was worried about what Miranda would do to him, so he texted Rosalind and said, “we both going to jail now.”


He was scared of Liz Miranda, but his baby momma sure wasn’t.

Miranda then began calling child protective services and filing false reports on their family out of revenge. Keep in mind, this is a woman who believes that police are a threat to black people, sending police to the home of a black family under false pretenses. This is a woman who claims to champion single mothers and maternity post partum who went and got an order against a now single mother of three that could hinder her from job opportunities. She doesn’t actually believe in a single progressive thing she stands for. She just knows that pretending to be those things is how you obtain power in a deep blue district like hers.

Miranda had one of her associates (or possibly her) call Rosalind on March 1 and attempt to “come to an amicable resolution” by not having all of this come out in court.

But when Rosalind tried to get the order in June the gloves were off and Miranda took out the retaliatory order on Rosalind.

Liz Miranda is unfit to serve in office and must resign immediately. I hereby call on every member of the State Legislature and Governor Baker to condemn her and call for her resignation. Miranda attempted to make the victim of domestic violence look like a crazy person after she was confronted for having sex with the father of her children. She willingly met with a convicted murderer and had sex with him while he was actively violating his parole. She knew this woman was battered and pregnant but sided with her abuser while attempting to belittle the victim for not having an Ivy League degree from Wellesley. She is a complete and total fraud will likely attempt to downplay this blog by calling me a white supremacist, because making up lies about her critics is how she avoids criticism of herself. However, I will be having Rosalind on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM so she can speak her truth. Will Liz Miranda believe black women then? Or will she attempt to smear her like she did in Roxbury District Court?



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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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