State Senator Jamie Eldridge Complains About Lack Of Culturally Relevant Music After Touring Shirley Max Prison And Not Meeting With CO’s


State Senator Jamie Eldridge has made it clear that his primary constituents are the violent convicted criminals currently living in his district at Shirley Max and Medium prisons. In the past he has turned a man who once started a prison riot and beat a CO in the face, into the model of prison reform.

He fought hard to make sure that prisoners were not kept in solitary confinement, no matter how violent they were. This directly led to the vicious beating of corrections officer Matt Tidman at the hands of prisoner Roy Booth, who was shipped to Massachusetts from Virginia because he was too violent for their prisons to handle. Booth was given more freedom in jail, which he used to grab a bar from the weight lifting rack, and sneak up from behind and nearly beat Tidman to death.


Did Senator Eldridge feel at all responsible or sorry for this? LOL. Don’t be ridiculous. He doesn’t represent Matt Tidman, he represents Roy Booth.

Eldridge did not use this tragedy to promote safety measures for CO’s. Instead he recently toured the facilities in Shirley with his communist colleague State Rep. Mary Keefe, met with 20 violent convicted criminals, and came to the conclusion that the biggest problem in Shirley Max is that aren’t enough culturally relevant musical celebrations for men of color.

Just to review – in the prison complex where CO’s routinely get the shit kicked out of them by the most violent people in the state, Senator Eldridge believes that the biggest problems are:

  • Solitary units have confusing rules
  • Bad behavior is punished with tickets
  • The prison education is “embarrassing”
  • He publicly names and shames the doctor who apparently didn’t do a good enough job fixing a convicted criminal’s shoulder
  • Prisoners grew up in poverty, which left them no choice but to end up in jail despite living in a country that offers more social mobility than any nation that has ever existed
  • The Kwanzaa talent show was cancelled again this year
  • Latino men are having a difficult time finding access to that one Reggaeton song that sounds like all the other songs that every person driving an 06 Honda Civic with gold rims and tinted windows in Lawrence plays 24/7. You know what I’m talking about – this song.

Eldridge spent a grand total of 5 hours in this prison and didn’t meet with any CO’s. Nevertheless he’s now an expert on how it should function moving forward.

The “incarcerated people” (rapists and murderers) apparently aren’t getting good enough healthcare for his liking.

Perhaps they should consider their potential healthcare plans before deciding to end someone’s life, which requires no healthcare plan.

Some CO’s attempted to educate Eldridge on what life is really like in prison for convicts and CO’s, and rebutted his complaints one by one.

Eldridge made sure to point out that the prisoners would never break the phones, and suggested that the CO was lying.

Because the prisoners told him they didn’t. They’re honest, right?

Of course he paid zero attention to what the man said (which is why they didn’t bother meeting with him), and instead pointed out that all these prison attacks on CO’s are due to the “frustrations of incarcerated men.”

Ya got that? Roy Booth nearly killed Matt Tidman because he was frustrated with the lack of cultural celebrations and educational opportunities in prison.

Eldridge made it clear that he supports the prisoners because the CO’s have all the power.

Keep in mind, Eldridge has never offered to meet with the rape victims and families of murdered victims that these prisoners left behind. But he’s really concerned with making sure the people who caused so much damage to innocent people are comfortable while they live off the taxpayers for the rest of their life.

I really don’t care if prisoners serving a life sentence are rehabilitated. They’re there to be forgotten about and kept away from law abiding members of society.


According to Eldridge we should have more prisons like Norway.

Yea, the entirely white country with little no immigration and a population smaller than Maryland is a great model to compare our prison system to. It’s just that simple.

People like Eldridge have lived their whole lives in safe suburban Norway-like communities like Acton, which is why they don’t know the first thing about what criminals are really like. These people are conniving and manipulative, and they know how to play dumb liberals like Eldridge like a fiddle by pretending they’re looking to to turn their lives around and become astronauts, or something. Sadly he will be re-elected like he always is because people with common sense are badly outnumbered in this God-forsaken state we choose to live in. In the mean time we will mock and ridicule him for being such a comical bozo.


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