State Trooper Angela Guerrera’s DUI Arrest Report Shows She Was Drunk During Traffic Stop, Tried To Use Badge To Get Out Of It


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As you know Trooper Guerrera accused her ex-boyfriend Bob Sundberg of raping her repeatedly over the course of 6 years, which she did not bring to light until after he dumped her. During her victim impact statement, before Sundberg was sentenced to 10-15 years in prison, she alluded to her 2017 DUI. This was not allowed to be entered into evidence by the Judge in order to avoid “victim shaming” her. However, during her statement she claimed that she was completely innocent of the DUI, and that Sundberg had manipulated a woman into setting her up.

He also found a way to manipulate another woman to the point where she would do anything for his affection. This other woman stalked me and placed a fake emergency call that led the Acton Police to improperly investigate me and subsequently place me under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. This arrest caused me great public humiliation, shame, and threatened to ruin my reputation on the MSP. I spent months trying to regain my mental health enough to investigate my own OUI arrest and discovered the evidence that led back to Robert. Eventually I was able to exonerate myself from the unfounded arrest that left me broke and emotionally and mentally exhausted.

“Led the Acton Police to improperly investigate me and subsequently place me under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Was this a true statement on her part? I had to find out so I drove to Acton last week to get the police report. Today I finally received it, and as it turned out she was lying.

Here’s the report in its entirety:


Let’s take a look.

A call came in for an erratic driver at 1:15 who nearly sideswiped a driver in Maynard. That driver was Trooper Guerrera, and the Acton cop who pulled her over said she reeked of booze, her eyes were bloodshot, and her speech was slurred. The first thing she handed the police officer wasn’t her license or registration (she said she didn’t have it), it was her state police badge. She attempted to use her influence by saying, “I live 2 minutes down the street, do we really need to do this?”

Would she give a civilian that sort of consideration? Of course not. But because she’s a cop she believes she’s above the law. She then asked to know who the cop’s sergeant was, presumably so she could undermine the police officer for doing his job.

She then failed multiple DUI tests but refused to take a breathalyzer.

Throughout the booking process she was crying, much like she was attempting to do during her victim impact statement.

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Then a week later the police contacted the bar she was at in Maynard to see how much liquor she consumed. Turns out it was a lot:


Five Mic Ultras, 2 stiff vodka drinks, and a margarita. Over $50 worth of booze on herself, but at least she’s a good tipper.

She was bailed out by Lt. Detective Debra Simon of the MSP diversity recruitment unit. This is the unit that Guerrera has worked in for several years, as most state troopers I spoke with tell us that she’s completely incompetent. One trooper we spoke with from the Northampton barracks told us,

“She was once told to serve a summons at Northampton District Court. She asked me where it was. I was baffled. She’d been working there for 2 years already and she didn’t know where the courthouse was? I told her this was unacceptable and to Google it.”

Others tell us that she frequently brought her “train wreck” of a personal life to work with her, long before the rape allegations, constantly bringing it up with other troopers who had no interest in hearing about it while working.

Most remarkably she admitted in court that she was suicidal, and has stated so publicly multiple times. According to our sources she’s in the system as “Q5,” for suicidal. When this happens cops immediately lose their guns. In Leigha Genduso’s book she wrote about what happened when she mentioned suicide – they immediately made it a priority to confiscate all of her guns. They relentlessly hounded her about a gun she claimed she didn’t have.

Yet Trooper Guerrero has never had her guns taken from her. She beat this case largely because it was moved to Quincy District Court, which is notoriously lenient for DUI’s. But make no doubt about it – she was guilty. Both her and Bob Sundberg drank too much and were in a toxic relationship. Neither of them is a saint, but there isn’t any real evidence that either is a rapist. What we do know is that Trooper Guerrero is a liar (she lied about her DUI on the stand in court), she was bailed out for her DUI by a higher ranking person in the MSP, she has shown signs of being mentally unbalanced and overly emotional, and she parties hard despite being traumatized from 6 years of rapes.

The fact of the matter is that she has something Bob Sundberg doesn’t that gives her the benefit of the doubt – intersectionalism. She is a women of color in an institution that is almost exclusively white and male. She is more valuable and less replaceable than Bob Sundberg, so he was expendable and she was not. They continue to use her at college recruiting fairs and pimp her out on Facebook while he rots in a jail cell.



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