Sterling Paramedic Fired For Facebook Post Calling Kneeling Patriots Players “Porch Monkeys”


Tensions were high at the beginning of the 2017 NFL season when players began to kneel. Some people should’ve kept their opinions off of social media. This woman ended up getting fired the next day, and she 100% earned and deserved it. 

Editor’s Note: This woman was NEVER employed by Worcester EMS. Ever.

This is Linda Kimball:

She’s a paramedic who works for the town of Sterling and Vital ambulance in Worcester, has been doing the job for a long time, and is an EMT instructor as well:


And she had some strong feelings about the 17 New England Patriots who took a knee during the National Anthem last weekend:

Just in case it wasn’t clear the first time she used the term “porch monkeys,” she wants to let you know that this was not a typo. She wrote porch monkeys because that’s what she meant. Porch monkeys. Also you are all ignorant and “your” all black. Just in case it wasn’t clear what skin color these particular players were.

And didn’t they get the memo that the Civil War was fought a few hundred years ago? Open a damn history book!!! First came the Civil War back in the late 1600’s, followed by the French and Indonesian War, Vietnam, World War 2, World War 1, the War of 1812, and finally the American Resolution. This is how history works. Take a lesson from this lady!!

No offense to monkeys!!!

Some of her friends were like, “you probably shouldn’t say that.” But rather than backtrack on her statements she doubled down instead:

Yea those NFL players sure are pitiful, and especially poor. Very poor.

Soon she did an about face and was all, “not all black people”

You know who I really hate? The people who pull the “someone in my family served” card. As if that makes you more patriotic than the person you’re talking to. First of all, you didn’t do shit. Your family member did. Your family’s sacrifices speak volumes? Yes, for themselves. The whole family didn’t do shit. Just the ones who served. All you did was use their sacrifices to win online arguments in order to justify your use of the term “porch monkeys.”

Her husband, a firefighter in Charlton, came to her defense:

Yea, calling black people “porch monkeys” and pointing out that they’re all black is totally NOT playing the race card. Definitely.

Don’t get me wrong, I think athletes getting paid millions of dollars to play a game who choose to kneel are poorly educated morons, but Linda Kimball is too dumb to tie her own shoes, never mind work on an ambulance. And if you’re stupid enough to post something like this on social media these days and don’t think you’re gonna get fired for it, then you’re even dumber than she is.



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