Stoneham Cop And Dance Instructor Girlfriend Evicted Multiple Times For Not Paying Landlords While Defrauding Rental Assistance Program And Going To Disney


This is Stoneham Police Officer Robert Kennedy and his girlfriend Juliann Limone.

Two weeks ago they were featured on NBC Boston for being complete degenerates, so this isn’t a story I’m breaking. I’m writing about it because it seems to have gotten little to no coverage besides that, and Kennedy continues to work as a Stoneham cop like none of this happened.

Robert Kennedy has spent the last two decades stiffing banks and landlords for rent and mortgage payments. He makes up excuses like every other ratchet does, defaults for court appearances, and then moves on to the next victim.

Most recently the two of them moved into a nice apartment complex in Reading with at least one of her sons (they’re both divorced), where the rent was more than $3,100 a month. They didn’t pay for 9 months, amassing a debt of over $30K before being taken to housing court.

They had no leg to stand on so they didn’t bother showing up for court and got defaulted for a $30,227.51 judgment.

For months he told the landlord that he would get him the money that was owed as soon as he applied for RAFT rental assistance, a program that helps people avoid eviction if they make less than $56K a year. He also played the COVID card.

The problem is that he makes more than $187K a year and cops didn’t have their work hours cut for COVID because they were “essential workers.”

They clearly did not qualify for RAFT assistance and never received it. This was just a delay tactic that they used because they are professional deadbeats. The judge ordered them to produce written, non-email proof that they had filed RAFT applications. They did exactly what the judge told them not to and attempted to enter an email into evidence.

It appears as if they actually applied for this, which means they would’ve had to lie about their salary, which would mean they committed fraud.

They appealed the decision, lost, haven’t paid rent since, and then tried to avoid eviction by asking for a stay of execution because their RAFT applications were still pending and he had to go to the hospital for three days.

Of course this wouldn’t matter because he was still being paid while he was in the hospital.

They couldn’t pay their rent, but Juliann had plenty of disposable income to spend on hair coloring.

A year before that they were taken to housing court for not paying rent at the nice apartment in Stoneham. This time they owed over $15K.

Bob and Juliann didn’t bother showing up for court on May 27, 2021, so they defaulted and the landlord won a $19,474.06 judgment.

Robert appealed this, like he always does, claiming that he didn’t know about the court date, which was on Zoom.



These two losers once again made up a bunch of excuses for why they couldn’t pay the rent. He said he couldn’t work overtime, and she played the Taylor Lorenz “auto immune” card that every douchebag played to avoid going back to work during the “pandemic.”

No overtime??!! How will he ever survive off his comfortable taxpayer funded salary of 187K?

To make matters worse it was revealed in court documents that Kennedy and his girlfriend received $10K in RAFT rental assistance in April of 2021.

The only way to have been approved for that would have been to blatantly lie on the application.

This is fraud.

This is a crime.

Perhaps they only reported her salary as a dance instructor at East Coast Dance Center in North Reading, without reporting that he was shacking up with her.

Then there’s the matter that he lied on the rental application when he said he had never been evicted. Why is he still allowed to work as a police officer now that this information has been made public? If I were pulled over by this guy in Stoneham I would just laugh at him. He should have no authority over any other person whatsoever.

NBC spoke with Kennedy’s landlord from 15 years ago who evicted him and his ex-wife and won a $6K judgement for nonpayment of rent.

“It just baffles me how it could go on,” said Ron Gifford, one of the police officer’s former landlords.

Gifford rented a Woburn home to Kennedy and his wife years ago, but the details are still fresh.

Excited to have a police officer as a tenant, the landlord did not do a background check before offering a lease. Gifford now describes that decision as a mistake.

On two different occasions, Gifford and his wife, Elizabeth, initiated eviction proceedings for unpaid rent, according to court records. The couple said Kennedy would come up with some cash to put a dent in the arrears and talk them out of moving forward in court.

“It was bad right from the get-go,” Gifford recalled. “The rent was always late. I always had to call them. They always had excuses. It was just constantly chase them, chase them, chase them.”

Eventually, the Giffords reached their financial breaking point and followed through on eviction proceedings in 2008. They took possession of the property on Pearl St and won a judgment of nearly $6,000, according to court records. Speaking from their Florida home 15 years later, the elderly couple told the NBC10 Investigators they are still owed the money.


In 2012 he purchased his parents’ home in Stoneham, and only had to pay a mortgage of less than $2K a month. Of course he never paid that and eventually got out of it by filing for bankruptcy in 2015.

Robert Kennedy makes more than enough money to pay his rent, he just thinks he shouldn’t have to because he’s a cop. Does he have a gambling habit? Hookers? Drugs? I doubt it. Seems like he likes to stiff people just because he can.

He told a housing court judge that although he makes money he just can’t pay for everything he has on his plate.

But what’s on your plate that isn’t on everyone else’s? You’re a grown ass man. Pay your God damn bills, you absolute disgrace to humanity!

He’s hiding behind the “I’m a good cop” card.

No Chuckles, what’s disgraceful is that you committed fraud, stole at least $10K from a taxpayer funded housing agency while already collecting a $187K taxpayer funded salary, and stiffed a bunch of landlords without giving a shit how they’d be able to pay the bank for the property they owned.

Your personal financial history is everyone’s business because the court records are public, and you’re an officer of the law who can testify against people in court. You have the ability to take away people’s freedom and liberty, and the public has given you the most valuable thing they can – trust. You abused that trust.

Both of them tried using her kids in court as a way to avoid eviction as well. No problem. Just threaten to send the kids to a foster home and watch how quick they come up with the money.

Meanwhile, they’re still masquerading around Stoneham like some sort of normal football parents.

Oh, and they recently took a trip to Epcot, which they could afford despite not being able to pay their rent.

Robert Kennedy is a disgrace to police officers everywhere and he should be suspended from his job until he pays back every cent he owes to people. To my knowledge he has not paid any of the judgments against him. He just takes the L and victimizes a new person. This is a professional scammer who has spent most of his adult life screwing people over while hiding behind his badge and gun. To me, he is ten times worse than the average ratchet who isn’t paying their rent because they refuse to get a job and blew their money on weed and Mountain Dew. He has the means to pay, he just doesn’t think he should have to.


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