Stoneham Doctor And Activist Daughter Claim Racist Letter Was Sent To Them Due To Black Lives Matter Yard Signs 


I addressed the latest alleged hate crime out of Stoneham last night not he Live show at the 42 minute mark.

It all began with this woman.

Erin Tracy Bradley is a nurse who wanted everyone to “stay the f*** home” for months at a time and become financially destitute in order to make her life easier at the job she signed up to do as a doctor.

“I stay at work for you.”

I still can’t get over the arrogance of people who wanted a trophy for doing their job, and then immediately abandoned their stay at home edict to gather in groups of thousands to protest in the name of a radical political organization.

Erin chose to live in Stoneham, a town which is just 2% black. She could’ve lived in any urban area with a diverse population, but she chose an almost exclusively white town where her kids would go to school with almost exclusively white kids. But she really cares about racist because she put some signs up in her yard.

“We stand with you. Together we rise.”

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Yea the problem is the “you” that you’re speaking of in that sign will never see it because those people don’t live in your neighborhood.

Black lives matter. Just not in her neighborhood.

And of course this.

Honoring Michael Brown, who died trying to steal a gun from a cop after assaulting a store clerk, seems like a great way to prove that you’re one of the “good ones.”

Coincidentally Erin was the victim of a hate crime.

If you’re going to do the fake hate crime thing, then the letter in the mailbox is the way to go. It’s the hardest to disprove, especially if it’s typed.

The most obvious sign that you’re dealing with a fake hate crime is when they end their post with something alluding to how they won’t back down, despite the imminent threat that they face. A white woman in Stoneham cannot attain the much desired victimhood due to the color of their skin. In order to elevate oneself in the movement and separate from other “allies,” you must not only get one of these threats, but announce that you won’t back down from your stance. Erin will not be takin her signs down.

Stunning and brave.

Is this fake? Gun to my head I’m guessing yes. It could be real I suppose, but the chances are unlikely, and you should question these whenever you see them because they’re usually fake. A couple things lead you to believe it’s not real:

  1. Black is capitalized. This is a BLM thing for some reason, and no racist person would ever do that.
  2. This extremely racist person uses commas better than anyone I’ve seen, has excellent grammar and spelling, but the one word they can’t spell right is the n word, despite being insanely racist. Almost as if the person who did this is a SJW who didn’t have it in them to go full racist and actually type out the n word.

Despite the fact that just yesterday another fake hate crime that no one questioned went up in flames in Mendon, not a single person questioned whether or not this was real.

Oh. My. GOD!!

Thots and shares.

As you can see, everyone wants these signs now, which was likely the goal from the beginning. They will never learn. Ever.

Of course I was the bad guy for questioning.

“Please stop suggesting that this is anything other than exactly what it is – a pure act of hatred.”

Translation – how dare you deviate from the script. No one is allowed to question anything in BLM America.

I actually don’t think Erin did this herself. However, her daughter Bridget sure seems to have some strong opinions about black lives matter, and has lectured others about recognizing their white privilege. Someone may want to notify that family of Daniel Shaver, a white man who was also murdered by a cop but is not listed on her yard sign.

Yea I’m just gonna come out and say it – I think Bridget did it.

She sure wanted to silence me the second I questioned if it was real. There was a lot of that going around though.

“I was waiting for someone to claim it was a hoax. There’s always one.”

Yes, and they’re usually right. Don’t worry though, dozens of people sent this story to me so I’m far from the only one thinking it. Unlike me they can’t afford to question it publicly. I’m in a position where I’m free to call out your white nonsense though, so the game’s over.

He’s not even from here!

Tony Bonvino seems to believe that I’m discredited because of something he found on Reddit.

A screenshot of a Facebook post I made 6 months ago. Case closed! Nothing gets by Tony Bonvino.


Same goes for Jennifer Berryman Horne, who quickly realized that Clarence Woods Emerson is NOT my real name, and I am in fact a hate speech blogger who no longer exists on Facebook (even though we were interacting on Facebook) and we have three other Turtleboy pages.


One woman did suggest that it could be staged, but she was quickly reminded of the HUGE racism issues that exist in Stoneham.  

It’s basically a Klan haven.

Anyway, here’s how this story ends – nothing happens. There will be no investigation because the person who wrote it knows that they’ll never be able to prove it was fake. Erin and Bridget get their 15 minutes of fame for being white heroes, and then another fake hate crime will come up next week and they’ll all blindly believe that too. This is the insane world we are living in, and it’s why we gladly accept our role as the voice of reason and logic to combat it.


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