Stoneham Woman Wanted In Connection With Late Night Hit And Run That Left 4 Children Injured

Police have been searching for the driver of a vehicle that hit 4 children on Sunday night, as seen in this horrifying security camera video:


Well, according to the driver’s father, the suspect they’re looking for is Stephanie DeTomasi. This chick.


No confirmation that she’s been charged as of yet, but her father seems pretty convinced.



“A man says one of his daughters is the driver who struck four children in Stoneham Sunday night and fled the scene.

Danill DeTomasi, a father of six, is apologizing for his daughter’s actions.

“I just thank God that nobody got seriously hurt (and) nobody died,” DeTomasi said. “I want the right thing to be done. You know, she did wrong and she’s got to take care of it.”

A neighbor said the driver involved in the hit-and-run crash turned from Elm Street onto McArthur Road just after 6:30 p.m. He said the children were standing with their bikes in front of his home when the car took the sharp turn, hit the kids, and then hit the car parked in his driveway.

Surveillance video shows the car, described as a dark-colored Subaru Legacy, back out of the driveway and took off while one of the kid’s bicycles was lodged underneath it.

Dianne Dunnell, who lives near the crash site, put up reflectors and solar-powered lights Monday at a nearby crosswalk.

“I know the town has tried to put some signage up here, and they do get destroyed by cars coming by, so they’re doing something, but I figured a little extra can’t hurt,” she said.

Police said the injuries were minor, but two of the children were taken to the hospital.

“I just looked over and I saw headlights coming right at me,” victim Julia Cabral said.

“All I remember is trying to get out of the way and then flying through the air,” said another victim, Caden Parks-Miller. “I hit off the other car and then flew into the garden.”

Three of the four victims, who are all 13 years old, spoke to WCVB on Monday. They said they were just hanging out when the car came right at them, giving them little time to react.

“The fact that she hit four teenage kids and then ran away is just, like, unimaginable,” Cabral said.

“Just accept what you’ve done and go to the police yourself instead of just leaving, and that’s way worse,” said victim Vincenzo Guarino.

DeTomasi said his daughter told him that she was going to turn herself in to police.

“That would be the right thing to do,” he said. “She was probably doing something wrong, or whatever, because you don’t lose control of a car like that over nothing. Something has to be behind it and like I said, she’s going to face the consequences.” “

I have some sympathy for the guy who has to publicly comes to grips with the fact that he raised an irresponsible little girl who plows through a group of kids like a round of Sunday night candlepin and just takes off and hides out. Especially because a look at her Facebook page shows she herself has a child, which apparently didn’t stop her from taking out a group of four children and run with one of their bikes dragging from the vehicle. It looks like she has a history of this sort of stuff, too.

This article from 2017 mentions her once being arrested for hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

“In years before she got clean, DeTomasi lost custody of her daughter, she was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, usually seen in much older people, she was arrested for an OUI after hitting a person in a crosswalk and she watched those around her die from their addictions. Of about 25 participants in her class at Chelsea drug court, nine died.

Eventually, after being revived by Narcan post-overdose, DeTomasi went to jail for three months.”


And in 2010, she was arrested for drug and firearms-related offenses after being pulled over as the passenger in a car driven by a wanted murderer:

Bluffton Today:

“A man wanted in connection in with a Pennsylvania slaying was arrested by Ridgeland police last week after a traffic stop on Interstate 95 that also turned up a stolen pistol, marijuana, pills and cocaine.
Shortly before 4:30 p.m. Aug. 2, Ridgeland police officer Chris Malphrus stopped the driver of silver Jeep Commander for an unlawful lane change and driving in the rain without his headlights on.
Asked for his license, the driver, Efrain Lopez Jr., 24, admitted he didn’t have one. Malphrus smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and saw a handgun in plain view, so he handcuffed Lopez to search the vehicle.
Lopez tried to flee and resisted arrest but Malphrus subdued him, according to a police press release.
Two female passengers were also detained.
Police allegedly found and seized a handgun, approximately 5 grams of cocaine, approximately 15 grams of marijuana, multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia, eight pills believed to be a controlled substance, a marijuana grinder and a ceramic pipe.
After his arrest, police discovered that Lopez was wanted for homicide by the Philadelphia Police Department. The gun found inside the vehicle had also been reported stolen during an armed robbery in Cambridge, Mass.
On Aug. 23, 2009, Lopez allegedly opened fire at 9:50 p.m., shooting 18-year-old Christopher Rivera numerous times in his chest, according to Detective Jim Burke of the Philadelphia Police Department Homicide Unit. The motive for the slaying remains unclear.
Lopez was charged with being a fugitive from justice, resisting arrest, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of marijuana, possession of an unlawful weapon and possession of cocaine.
Burke said the Philadelphia Police Department has started working to extradite Lopez on the homicide charge there.
He touted the Ridgeland Police Department for making the arrest.
“We’ve been looking for him,” Burke said. “We didn’t know he was down there.“
Meanwhile, passenger Stephanie Detomasi, 21, of Woburn, Mass., was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of prescription pills, possession of an unlawful weapon and possession of a stolen firearm.”


As of right now there is no confirmation that Ms. DeTomasi has surrendered herself to police.





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