Stop & Shop Strikers In Danvers Publicly Shame Small Business Owners And Customers Who Cross Picket Line


Yesterday MVTB blogged about the striking Stop & Shop workers who shamed Ray Bourque on social media for crossing a picket line.

Well it’s not just former Bruins’ legends they’re going after. They’re pretty much shaming anyone who goes to the Danvers Stop & Shop, and trying to hurt their business in the process:

This might be the worst way possible to get people to join your cause. That and having Elizabeth Warren stand on the picket line with you.

These are customers. When you eventually go back to work and this is all resolved you will have to see these people. And believe it or not, people are allowed to be indifferent to your cause. Some people just don’t have the time to look into this whole thing and decide what side they’re on because they’re busy running businesses and trying to get food for their families. I want to side with the workers because I used to be in a union, but people like Rusty here make that very difficult. This whole thing lacks organization and direction from leadership. Whoever’s in charge of this strike should send strikers clear guidelines about what NOT to do to people who cross picket lines.

The bottom line is I care about these people’s problems about as much as they care about mine. Did they help us out when our Facebook page went down? How bout when our advertisers were under attack by mobs? Nope. We took it on the chin from much more powerful companies than a grocery store chain, but now I’m supposed to care about their picket line now? Pass.


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