Stoughton Woman Drags Boston Pedestrian For 4th DUI Despite Recently Changing Facebook Filter To “Stay Home Save Lives” 


Gellissa Objio is Stoughton mother who recently announced via Facebook filter that she was saving lives by staying home.

As you can see, she’s helping. Some may not call her a hero, but those people just want old people to die.

Except there’s just one problem – she didn’t follow her own advice.

OMG, she could’ve killed someone!! Where is her mask???!!!

See? Masks save lives. Where is her mask?? Someone could’ve gotten seriously hurt, or DIED!

Shockingly suspending the license of a ghetto dumpster who already has 3 DUI’s is an ineffective detriment to prevent them from driving again. Turns out the most effective way to prevent people like this from killing innocence civilians is by putting them in jail. Failure to do so ultimately just leads to day drinking, reckless driving, and the occasional dragging of a pedestrian with a truck.

But of course she’ll likely be released in no time because now we are locking people up for going to church, not wearing masks, and protesting, but we must release dangerous criminals from jail because they might get sick.

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And in case you think she wouldn’t do this again in a heartbeat, here she is doing her field sobriety test.

Luckily for her this is Suffolk County and Rachael Rollins so she’ll be out of jail before you can say Food Stamp Friday. Same time next week.

Make no doubt about it either – she would’ve driven away if she could. It’s just that her truck literally had nowhere else to go.

Just yet another reason why 99% of people who changed their profile picture to a condescending “Look at me, I’m saving lives and you hate old people” filter, is an attention starved narcissistic fraud.


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