Striking St Vincent’s MNA Boomer Nurse Asks Nurse Under Baby Pictures If “She Knows Her Mother Is A SCAB” For Crossing Picket Line


The St. Vincent’s Mass Nurses Association strike is still going on in its third month and there is no end in sight. As I’ve said before, my initial tendency will always be to side with striking workers, especially when they are healthcare professionals. However, as we’ve seen in the last few months the MNA has made is impossible to support them due to the deplorable behavior of striking nurses on the picket line, their association with Teamster thugs, and their harassment of replacement nurses and others in the union who chose not to strike.

According to nurses I’ve spoken with in other hospitals the offer that St. Vincent’s has made to these MNA nurses is very similar to what nurses are getting everywhere. In 2018 they lost at the ballot (overwhelmingly) when they attempted to limit the amount of patients that could be assigned to a nurse. Many nurses themselves were opposed to it. This strike is basically a hissy fit because they don’t like democracy, and they think the generous offer made to them isn’t enough.

For that reason I hope management crushes them, and it looks like they’re not backing down. Last week they announced that all striking MNA nurses would be permanently replaced since they refused to come to the bargaining table. In response the MNA brought in Congressman Jim McGovern, Congresswoman Lori Trahan, and Mayor Joe Petty (who can barely put a sentence together and is so Worcester it hurts), who urged the strike to continue.

They’re all going to feel very dumb when they get nothing, lose their jobs, and find out that McGovern and Petty’s tough guy talk doesn’t pay their mortgage.

Many younger nurses didn’t strike in the first place, but even more have left the strike after seeing the disgusting tactics taken by their leader Marie Ritacco. One of these nurses who made the decision to go back to work yesterday posted a picture on Facebook of her 11 month old daughter.

Isn’t that adorable.

This woman saw the picture because she’s Facebook friends with the nurse:

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Her name is Sheila Harms; a fitting surname.

A normal person sees a picture of an 11 month old baby and gives it a like, or maybe even a love emoji if they’re feeling generous. Perhaps they even write something along the lines of, “awww, so cute.” Ya know, normal people stuff.

And many normal people did comment on that, but Sheila is not a normal person. She is consumed with hatred and blinded by the union, so here’s what she said about the baby:

What is your major malfunction Sheila? How consumed with hatred and propaganda do you have to be to write that under a picture of an 11 month old baby because her mother had the audacity to go to work and help sick people get better? If you can’t separate your work life from your personal life like this then you should stay off the Internet. I would rather die than receive healthcare from someone this demented. I don’t trust her, and the hospital is running fine without them. I hope this union gets crushed and it’s because of people like Sheila.

If this union wanted the support of the public they’d have better leadership. Unfortunately they are run by boomers who clearly don’t understand the power of good PR. You can’t be crapping on baby pictures, calling people scabs, and acting like thugs if you expect people to have any sort of sympathy for you. Here’a a quick review of the behavior of some of their members and leaders:

  • Boomer nurse Lillianne LaPensee was charged with criminal harassment for stalking a “scab” nurse at Worcester State University who was working at a vaccination clinic, and then banned from the campus.

  • In a video message to members MNA strike leader Marie Ritacco urged them to harass replacement nurses and blockade entrances to the hospital. It should be noted that Ritacco delayed the start of the strike until she knew she was qualified for FMLA, so her financial security is not at risk like her members.

  • The MNA page specifically names and shames “scab” nurses and yells racist things at those who are not white.

Again, I wanted to support these people, but how can you after seeing the way they’re behaving? These welfare leeches are collecting unemployment, plus getting $500 a week from the dues paying members. Meanwhile they’re having barbecues and treating this like a party because they’re making more money not to work. But eventually the gravy train will run out, and hopefully younger nurses can see they are being led down a path to nowhere by boomers like Sheila Harms and Marie Ritacco.


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