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Sudbury Woman Who Robbed Marlboro Veteran While He Was Getting Legs Amputated Says He Told Her To Kick In Door To Get Money For Dog Surgery 


The Sudbury woman who robbed a veteran’s house 3 times with her boyfriend in April, while the homeowner was getting his legs amputated due to a fire accident, and then started a fundraiser for her boyfriend’s funeral just hours after he allegedly died next to her, is now using her dead boyfriend’s Facebook page to message turtle riders.

And she’s engaging in victim blaming too.

So just to review

  • She had a key to his house, but the key didn’t work so they had to kick the door in three times.
  • The victim actually gave them permission to kick his door in and ransack his house because they needed money for their dog’s surgery, and he gave them permission to do so right after getting his leg amputated.
  • Then someone else broke into the house after that except they weren’t seen on the surveillance video, and her lawyer doesn’t want her talking to the media.


She also came on the live show last night and she sounded exactly like you imagined she would. There was a lot to rant about tonight, including the Everett school shooting hoax, and all the criticism we’ve received over that and the $50 “my husband is in jail” blog. Also, the freestyle came back at the end, and it’s got great Yelp reviews. Just sayin.



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