Suicide Prevention Live Stream Tonight At 9, Still Looking For Non-Profits That Aren’t Afraid To Associate With TB And Want To Save Lives 


I’m doing a live stream tonight at 9 (click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel) and had a couple guests from suicide prevention non-profits lined up. The goal is to raise awareness and get people to seek help who found themselves in my mental condition, since I’ve had so many people reach out to me privately about their battles with depression and anxiety. I will take calls from people who wanted to share their personal stories about suicide, and if we can reach just one person who feels hopeless and alone then it will potentially save a life. It’s a great opportunity to use the Turtleboy platform as a force for good.

Unfortunately one guest from a suicide prevention non-profit backed out because the board thought it could lead to backlash and negative attention from people who harass our advertisers and believe Turtleboy is hate speech. Luckily I have someone else coming on tonight from a non-profit at 9:30, and anyone else is welcome to join me. But I won’t lie – the more I thought about it the more it exacerbated my anxiety.  If your non-profit is more worried about your image than they are about saving lives then your organization’s primary concern isn’t saving lives, it’s saving face.

I’m not here to name or shame this organization because I’m sure they do great work. I’m here to normalize being associated with Turtleboy. The cancel culture mob only has power when we back down to them. Anyone who attacks a suicide prevention non-profit because they went on Turtleboy is a waste of space who doesn’t matter, and should not be taken seriously by any serious person. Stop letting these miserable trolls run the culture.

More importantly, a lot of my personal issues come from the fact that there are people who consider what I do to be so toxic that even being associated with it could hurt them professionally and personally. I’ve had friends in real life defriend me on Facebook (my real page, not just Clarence) in case their employer noticed that we were Facebook friends. Imagine doing what you loved every day, but the people you loved didn’t want to be associated with it because they were either ashamed or frightened? That’s my life every day. I don”t necessarily blame these friends, because in a way I get it. But I think that a message I should be sending right now is that you shouldn’t be afraid to associate with anyone you care about or believe in.

A major reason for my panic attack and suicide attempt was because people I reached out to at that time didn’t take it seriously, and didn’t want to talk about it. Some have even accused me of “pulling that suicide stuff” so that I could “play the victim.” It’s stuff like that that makes people not want to openly talk about their problems, and I was really looking forward to directing people towards a helpful organization if they were feeling the way I did. I still am, and I do have one guest who plans on coming on tonight, but more are welcomed. So, if you are associated with a non-profit, and saving lives matters more than your online image, feel free to reach out to me because I’d love to have you on the show tonight instead. I can be reached at [email protected], and I will be doing the stream regardless. ANYONE who wants to call in to talk about their issues with mental health (anonymously or not) is more than welcomed to join us. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and I will see you at 9.


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