Summer Begins In Cape Cod With Giant Bottle Bashing Stick Brawl In Barnstable Leading To 3 Arrests


Boston 25 NewsThree men have been charged in a fight that broke out at Hathaway’s Pond in Hyannis earlier this month. Police were called to the pond around 8:30 p.m. on June 5 for a reported disturbance. Several people reported injuries from a fight that happened before police arrived. One person was taken to Cape Cod Hospital and treated for a head injury. Videos of the altercation began circulating online and throughout the community. Police identified Douglas Tejada-Diaz, 22, Dimas Lemus, 33, and Edgar Fajardo, 24, all of Hyannis, as allegedly being involved in the fight. Tejada-Diaz has been charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon (stick); Lemus has been charged with assault and battery causing severe bodily harm and disorderly conduct; and Fajardo faces charges of assault and battery causing severe bodily harm, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot) and disorderly conduct. All three have been released on personal recognizance. Tejada-Diaz will return to court June 21 and Lemus and Fajardo are scheduled to appear in court on July 27 and 28.

I figured these guys were summer tourists, but as it turns out these are just the caliber of people who now call Cape Cod their home. The video is wild.

Hyannis has officially become Brockton by the Sea.


The fight begins when half shirt Silva kicks some dude in the back and knocks him down on the ground.

Then the whole crew starts pummeling him, and when the man’s friend tries to protect him all of a sudden he gets smashed over the face with a bottle full of something.

For some reason there was a bright blue 70’s bug with a green strobe light blasting some of the worst ear cancer background music you will ever hear.

Just when things seemed to be dying down a little bit, stick boy appeared.

Backwards hat bro with the red trunks showed up to try to diffuse the situation.

But his presence only made stick boy more enraged and he had to be held back the Rio De Je Zeroes.

Next thing you knew there was another scrum…..

And out popped stick boy.

At this point Thong Sandal Thornton had enough and squared up to take on stick boy.

Initially he dodged stick boy’s swings.

This is why they stick to soccer in Brazil.

Next thing you know the whole Sao Paulo Pubestache mafia was squaring up and surrounding him.

And then the video inexplicably ends right before the really just part happened.

This guy right here:

Looks a lot like the guy who was arrested in Barnstable in 2020 for striking someone with a baseball bat.

Don’t worry, he’ll get a CWOF and be back at a pond near you beating the shit out of tourists while blasting Brazilian Top 40 out of his punch buggy.

But on a more positive note there is good news about stick boy, Douglas Tejada-Diaz. 

He saved Ukraine with his profile picture. And he’s not virtue signaling either – he stands with them too.

He’s also vaccinated, and at the same time doesn’t wanna hear about your vaccination status.

But the real crime here is the socks and sandals combo.

So yea, this is what Cape Cod has turned into.

It’s not quite Hampton Beach, but it’s getting there.


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