Suspect In Death Of Worcester Firefighter Chris Roy Should’ve Been In Jail Already 


There was big news out of Worcester today as the fire that killed firefighter Chris Roy in December was revealed to be a homicide.

As investigators tried to track down the cause of a fire that claimed the life of Worcester Firefighter Christopher Roy, surveillance video led them to a suspect who used ride-sharing services to get to and from the house on the morning of the fire. Momoh Kamara, who now lives at 157 Hartwell St. in West Boylston, was once a resident of 5-7 Lowell St., an apartment building that has been described as two three-decker homes combined into one structure by construction, prosecutors said.

That address was the scene of a fire on Dec. 9, which ultimately led to the death of Roy, a firefighter who had been on the force for two and a half years. Investigating Roy’s death, Worcester police were able to locate several surveillance videos around Lowell Street, prosecutor Jeffrey Travers said in Worcester Superior Court Friday.

It appeared that Kamara took an Uber early that morning, which dropped him off near Clark University in Worcester’s Main South neighborhood. Surveillance video tracked Kamara’s movements from there and showed him entering Lowell Street around 2:30 a.m., Travers said. Kamara set several fires in the basement, according to the prosecutor. The fire was reported at 3:58 a.m. while residents were inside the 100-year-old building, Travers said. The Worcester Police Department arrived at the scene at 4:04 a.m., Travers said. Firefighters arrived one minute later.

Surveillance video picked up images of Kamara leaving Lowell Street near the intersection with Main Street within four or five minutes of police and fire arriving at the fire, Travers said. Kamara then walked away and took a Lyft ride out of Worcester.

He wore an “All about the Mullah” shirt to court. Guilty.

Some people I’ve talked to are worried that this case isn’t strong enough because it’s all circumstantial evidence, but I disagree and here’s why:

  • The fire department says it’s arson, so someone started it.
  • He used to live there. Good luck convincing a jury that’s a coincidence.
  • They know he was there before the fire started and left right after the fire department got there. He will try to say that he was there to buy drugs or something, but then he’ll have to corroborate that by producing a drug dealer or someone else who can attest to his story. Then they’ll go through their cell phones and see that he didn’t call anyone that night.
  • The prosecution will have a motive to work with, although they haven’t said what that is right now. But they will have one. I’m guessing he was either kicked out for not paying rent or was getting back at an ex-girlfriend, but time will tell.
  • People get convicted on circumstantial evidence all the time.
  • They’ll also point to his criminal background, including vandalizing property and assault and battery on a family member.

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Just so happens to be what he was intending to do what he started the fire. So you add it all up – motive, video of him being there at that time, no alibi, criminal background – and you get an easy guilty verdict.

My question is, why did the commonwealth drop the charges on him with those other serious crimes? How is Joe Early gonna play the hardo now when he let this maggot walk free in the past?

The most twisted part about this is that he didn’t intend to kill Chris Roy, but he knew he was starting a fire that could kill a bunch of kids. There were over 20 people living there, most of who were children. It’s remarkable that the firefighters could get them all out in time, and they should be commended for that.


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