Swampscott Bartender Firing Sparks Outrage After He Eavesdropped And Shamed Customer On Town Facebook Page For Having Different Opinion On BLM


Never mix business and politics, especially if you don’t know the business. That’s a lesson Erik Heilman learned the hard way after the Swampscott bartender shamed a customer (who happened to be a town selectmen) on a community Facebook group after eavesdropping on the customer’s conversation, because he didn’t agree with the customer’s opinions on current events.

  1. Everything the customer said was an opinion
  2. I agree 100% with those opinions, as do millions of other people

Black lives matter is both liberal and bullshit. There are no Trump supporters at these protests. These are radical and some moderate left wingers, many of who want to abolish the police completely. These are not conservative talking points. Getting rid of capitalism and the nuclear family, both of which BLM lists as their goals, are radical liberal ideas. Also, white privilege isn’t a real thing, and here’s 11 reasons why. If it was then Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t pretend to be a Native American because there would be nothing to gain and everything to lose by not being white.

The opinions the customer vocalized in a private conversation aren’t exactly fringe opinions either, and if you disagree with him that’s OK too. It’s the beauty of living in a country where people are allowed to disagree. Keep in mind, no one else witnessed this and the conversation wasn’t recorded, so the customer could’ve said something totally different. As a matter of fact Don Hause disputes this.

“You need to resign.”

You need to stop getting haircuts at Hampshire College and ease up on the virtue signaling or else it’s just just going to be you and that cat for a long, long time.

The worst part about the post is that he, as an employee, named and shamed a customer after intentionally eavesdropping on his private conversation with friends. Newsflash – you don’t own the business. It’s not up to you to decide what customers can and cannot talk about. If these customers decide not to come back because the business becomes synonymous with shaming customers then your boss is the one who pays for it, so shut your mouth and go make me a gin and tonic soy boi.

His post immediately began to affect business.

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His employer agreed and Erik had to update the post to announce that he was justifiably fired.

Now he’s the white martyr from the white town who all the other white people are patting on the back for using his white privilege to express white wokeness while pretending to care about black people he intentionally chooses not to live near.

Oh look, another jilted former employee who can’t get over the fact that she got fired for being bad at her job. They must be racist because they don’t like the help publicly smearing the people who pay their bills.

“Mission on the Bay would rather let go of a loyal worker….”

Well yea, the employee is replaceable. The money lost from customers leaving is not. Welcome to grownup world.

Black lives matter has nothing to do with saving black lives. If they did they’d be honoring every black person unjustly killed in this country. But the only black people they care about are the ones who are killed by white cops. It’s an anti-police movement that up until recently was treated as a radical fringe group, because they wish to defund the police and chant things like, “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.”

The death of George Floyd has been the best thing to ever happen to BLM. They’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, largely from rich white people who purposely choose to live far away from minorities. More importantly, because that killing was so clearly wrong and there was no gray area for anyone to support the police, its turned public opinion in favor of BLM. Look at this graph showing changes in attitudes towards BLM from 2018 to 2020.

After George Floyd it went from +10 to +30 and the donations started rolling in. The marketing department at BLM deserves a huge raise. It’s genius really. By calling themselves “black lives matter” they can portray anyone who opposes their policies of defunding the police as “you don’t care about black lives,” or “you think black lives don’t matter.” It’s honestly one of the most effective and brilliant slogans of all time, and whoever came up with it knew that the American public by and large only looks at headlines.

Because BLM is so mainstreamed companies now have to embrace BLM publicly or get destroyed by woke Internet mobs. Silence is no longer an option either, since white silence is now violence. Thus Mission on the Bay put out this statement.

Perfectly worded. They did the whole, “black lives matter” schtick while still making their point. “Customers personal conversations are held private.” If you don’t agree with that then don’t work in the service industry.

Erik Heilman wanted to be the white savior. He could’ve easily contacted Hause privately, since he’s an elected official, or posted that he heard him say it anywhere else besides the place he works at. But he had to drag his employer into it without their consent, and this is the price he rightly had to pay.

Even with the BLM picture it wasn’t enough for the mob though, because the mob is never satisfied, and everyone should probably just stop trying to please them.

A public condemnation of a customer’s private conversation? It’s a freaking restaurant. People can talk about whatever they want to talk about, and it’s none of the owner’s or waiter’s God damn business. Shut up and make my sandwich.

Free of consequence for what they have said? It was a private conversation that some disgraced employee listened in on. If you wish to hold him “accountable” for what he said then you should’ve voted in the last election, which I’m willing to bet you didn’t do, nor will you vote in the next one because you’ll have a new cause by then. Calling the business “racist” for firing an employee who violated their rules is just a way for this basic white chick to feel good about herself. She got a lot of likes because she has a diverse sounding last name, but don’t let it fool you because she drinks the nectar of the Becky’s and couldn’t be whiter if she tried.

Oh, and the unemployed bartender has contacted the media, so expect to see this on the “news” too.

After all, the only people who profit more off of black people getting killed by cops than BLM, are the mainstream media who rile up the commoners and get you to click on their stories about it.


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