Taunton Cumberland Farms Denies Man With Alleged Medical Condition Service For Not Wearing Mask Despite Exemption In Law


The mandatory mask edict that was never voted on went into effect yesterday, and our first act of defiance came from a man named Flavio Braga at the Cumberland Farms in Taunton. He did what anyone who doesn’t want to wear the mask should do – claim to have a medical exemption. According to the rules they cannot ask you to prove it since this is private information. Unfortunately it appears as if the clerk did not see that part of the “law.”

I never thought I’d see the day where I side with the Port-a-geez, but here we are.

I do feel bad for the clerk that she had to be dragged into this. She’s just doing her job that corporate probably told her to do. But this wouldn’t be happening at Cumby’s if the governor hadn’t created this new “law” out of thin air. She’s not enforcing a Cumby’s policy, she’s enforcing a state edict that she clearly hasn’t read. I realize that Cumby’s is a private business and they can enact whatever kind of rules they want. But to my knowledge they didn’t start making you wear a mask until yesterday, which means they’re doing it because they think they’re enforcing Charlie Baker’s fake law. I have no idea if this guy is being serious about his medical exemption, but they better hope he’s not or else they just violated the ADA.

Most people applauded Mr. Braga for doing this because the law is ridiculous. He was separated by plexiglass, and if her mask worked then in theory she has nothing to worry about with him not having one, right? Anyone who exposes the absurdity of a law like that is my kind of guy.

But other people didn’t think he was so great.

“Just do what’s asked.”

Nah. I think I’m probably going to go ahead and be free instead, but thanks for the offer. Just because you do as you’re told when the ol’ ball and chain busts out the ramrod, doesn’t mean we all have to. This is the face of a thoroughly emasculated beta male.

He is symptomatic of a pathetic, weak culture we have been created, that is quick to surrender all their civil liberties indefinitely because they naively believe that a man without a mask at Cumberland Farms will kill your grandmother.

The funniest part about this is that Cumby’s just lost themselves money for absolutely no reason. He was trying to give them money for gas and instead he gave it to a competitor. Literally pissing money away for nothing. A lot of people are going to look very stupid when this is all said and done, and Flavio Braga will not be one of them.


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