Poor Behavior

Taunton Fentanyl Dealing Couple Blames Neighbors After Letting Unneutered Huskies Roam Free To Kill Chickens


This is Brayton Crites and his girlfriend Hannah Cole from Taunton.



They own dogs that they let roam free to kill other people’s chickens and were called out for it on a community Facebook page after a woman lost chickens for a fourth time.

But instead of owning up to what they did Crack Miller defended his honor as a dog owner in the comments and blamed the chicken owner for not putting up a fence to protect her property from free range hoodrat dogs. He did offer her $10 in reparations for her losses though.


Plus, you can’t be mad about someone’s dog eating your chickens if you yourself eat chicken nuggets.


Turns out the dogs belong to Crack Miller, but they stay at his boo’s spot, so he threw her under the bus.


Finally he ended the conversation by calling the chicken owner a dyke and accusing Taunton residents of being up in each other’s business.


But as fate would have it Brayton has posted about his missing dogs before, which he poses for glamour shots next to his 20 pairs of bootleg Jordans.

Oh good, they’re backyard breeders too. Good thing he lets his horny chicken eating killers roam free in the neighborhood.

“There like my kids.”

Please, for the love of God, don’t reproduce. There is no doubt in my mind that if you did have kids you’d take as good care of them as you do for your dogs. Your general attitude on supervision is the same as every parent of every school shooter ever.

Oh, and of course Crack Miller is also a gun toting fentanyl trafficker, so he doesn’t have time to watch his dogs.

A Taunton man is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing, after police said they seized a stolen handgun with a partially defaced serial number and drugs from his Whittenton apartment. Police said they also confiscated a stolen motorcycle from an adjacent shed. Brayton M. Crites, 20, 23 State St., is being charged with trafficking fentanyl; possession of a firearm in commission of a felony; receiving a firearm with a defaced serial number; possession of a firearm without a license to carry; illegal possession of ammunition; receiving a stolen motor vehicle; receiving stolen property under $1,200; and conspiracy to violate a Controlled Substance Act.

Police also arrested William Mondeau, 28, homeless, and charged him with possession of a Class A substance (fentanyl/heroin) and conspiracy to violate a drug law. Both men were arraigned in Taunton District Court. Mondeau was released on his own recognizance. Crites was held without bail and is due back in court on Jan. 29 for the detention, or dangerousness, hearing, which could result in his being held without bail for up to 120 days.

Detective Sgt. Matt Skwarto, in his report, says that a total of six detectives and members of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New Bedford regional office took part in the execution of a search warrant last Friday afternoon at the duplex where Crites has been living. Police said when they came through the unlocked front door they caught Crites and Mondeau in the middle of a drug transaction. A total of 19.2 grams of a substance believed to be either fentanyl or heroin mixed with fentanyl were allegedly found in plastic baggies. 

Police said the gun they found in a sock drawer in Crites’ upstairs bedroom was a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380-caliber pistol. They said they also found two magazines containing a total of 15 bullets and a nylon holster. Despite what police said were “great efforts to deface the serial number,” they said they eventually were able to read the identification number on the gun and trace its ownership to a Berkley resident, who had reported it being stolen. A total of $1,500 in cash was seized from the apartment, as was a digital scale, police said. The Ducati brand motorcycle in the shed, police said, had been reported stolen last September to Abington police by a Bridgewater resident. 

I’m sure this dangerous criminal who sells poison to vulnerable addicts and steals guns from law abiding citizens will be put away for a long, especially since Massachusetts is serious about the opiate epidemic and combatting gun violence.

LOL. Just kidding. He was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail, but he’s been posting about his missing chicken killers on Facebook ever since the 2019 incident so clearly he wasn’t gone for long. He also has Google trophies for strangulation, assault and battery, concealing his license plate, and a couple driving without a license arrests aftr the drug and gun arrest.


Despite all his priors he had both dismissed by Bristol County ADA’s.

Because when they say “common sense gun control,” they really mean taking guns away from good people while letting bad guys use them to sell drugs. Maybe if they wanna start combatting gun violence they could start with incarcerating the people responsible for the violence.

These maggots should have their dogs taken away from them. They only own them to breed them because selling puppies is all you can do for work when you’re an unemployed fentanyl dealer. It’s not like they give a shit about the dogs or have any intention of protecting their neighbor’s chickens from them. I’d hate to see the dogs put down, but as long as they’re owned by these two nudniks that seems like where this is going.


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