Teacher At St. Mary’s In Lynn Teaches Students That White Kids Don’t Go To Jail For Drug Crimes Because They’re Rich And Can Afford Good Lawyers


I went out of my way to be unbiased politically when I was a teacher. I knew that the kids looked up to me, and if I started espousing conservative viewpoints in class they’d be likely to believe everything I said without considering the alternative viewpoints from the left. I wanted them to develop their own opinions independently, and to do that my job was to present them with facts and both sides of every issue. A teacher who the students do not know the political leanings of is a teacher who has done their job effectively.

However, it’s clear going into this school year especially that teachers everywhere will only be presenting one side of the “social justice” issue to kids, and that’s not something we should sit down and accept quietly. Black lives matter has become mainstreamed, which we can’t just accept because BLM is a radical Marxist organization that wants to abolish police, prisons, the nuclear family, and capitalism. We can’t just hand over our schools to BLM because they’ll brainwash kids to swallow their anti-police propaganda as fact. I encourage kids, and even parents if you’re learning remotely, to record teachers when they violate this public trust.

This is Doug Lowe, a Theology teacher at St. Mary’s in Lynn.

Private schools are more free to do as they please because they are not accountable to the public, but from the looks of this video that a student recorded Doug Lowe has turned St. Mary’s into yet another SJW brainwashing center.

Let’s go through some of the highlights.

“My wife gets paid 80% of what her (male counterparts) get even though she does more work. That’s because there’s a system.”

The kids have no context whatsoever about what his wife does for work, and his opinion that she does more work and gets paid less because she’s a woman is completely unsubstantiated and presented with no evidence. As noted, well respected feminist educator Christina Hoff-Sommers has pointed out several times, the gender wage gap is the result of career choices, college majors, and other factors that have nothing to do with sexism.

There is likely an explanation if his wife really only gets 80% of what her male counterparts get paid, and he should’ve presented that side. Instead he told impressionable students that we live in a society where companies choose to employ men, who cost their company more money to do less work, simply because they are sexist.

“We have some of the finest public schools in America in Massachusetts. And those communities are extremely white, are they not? Lexington, Andover, Marblehead, Concord-Carlisle. Some of the best in the nation. And it’s no shock that they are also extremely white. Why are they extremely white? Because the houses there cost so much. So when we say there’s no segregation, it’s true legally. But haven’t we created these communities based on the cost of living?”

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His assumption that the “best” schools in the nation are the ones that are majority white reveals that he is the racist. The number one factor in a child’s educational success is the support they get at home, not their race. I went to Worcester South High School where I was a minority as a white student. Plenty of students of color who came from supportive homes excelled in the classroom, took AP classes, went off to college, and are living the American Dream now. Students who didn’t come from homes with parental support often struggled, dropped out, and got in trouble in school. This included white students. If the color of student’s skin is the primary factor in a school’s success then why is Ware such a low performing school district if it’s 90% white? It’s because Ware is one of the poorest towns in the state.

He’s not wrong about housing prices, but ironically all of the towns he mentioned are overwhelmingly liberal and have more black lives matter signs in them than diverse neighborhoods in Dorchester. Either way, what’s his point, and what’s his solution? Seems like the best way to diversify white communities is to encourage people of color to pursue higher paying jobs, which means encouraging them to pursue career paths that pay higher salaries on average. Instead the solution from most elected leaders on the left seems to be to tell people of color that they will always be victims. They give impoverished people temporary solutions in the form of handouts which only keep them dependent on the government, instead of long term solutions by encouraging them to pursue trades, start their own businesses, and cut taxes so they can grow.

I’m just not sure what any of this has to do with theology.

“How do public schools get their money to operate? Government, taxes. How do you get the most taxes? Have the most expensive houses.”

This is just patently untrue. The vast majority of school funding comes from the state government, not the local government. So property values in your town don’t matter. Let’s take a diverse city like Worcester. According to their budget they get more than double the funding from the state as they do from the local government.

Now let’s look at the predominantly white neighbor to the north Wachusett Regional School District. In 2020 they got over $30 million from the state and under $15 million from the local towns.

In other words, state aid is exactly proportional to local aid, so property taxes don’t really matter. Especially when local revenues don’t come from property taxes.

He’s just making this up as he goes along and high school kids are not equipped to challenge him.

Then he got into the BLM propaganda.

“We all know about police brutality. The unequal treatment by police officers towards people of color. How bout the judicial system? How bout incarceration? Jails. Alright, why are most people in jail? Drugs. Sometimes not even selling, possession of. Intent to sell. Do you guys know that it’s a mandatory sentence? Judges have no choice. After we did that in the 80’s our jails became disproportionately black and brown. Do white people not use drugs? White people use drugs. Do white people not drive around with drugs in their car? Of course they do. However, when it gets to a point of legality, let’s say they get arrested, number one they have the money to get bailed out. Number two if they’re rich and they’re in this situation what happens? They get out quickly and they lawyer up. They have some of the best lawyers in America. 

1. “Most” people are not in jail for drug offenses, and those who are in jail for drug offenses are almost exclusively dealers or people who were charged with possession on top of other crimes, not people who were just charged with possession.

2. What he’s saying about mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines isn’t true, and regardless this is a politically charged topic with another side that he is not presenting.

3. Not all white people who get caught with drugs are rich. This is an incredibly racist assumption on his part.

4. Judges in Massachusetts are infamous for letting criminals out with no bail, or a low bail that is often paid for by the Mass Bail Fund.

5. Everyone in this country has a right to an attorney if they can’t afford one. Often times they’re really good at what they do. Not every white kid who gets arrested has a high priced legal team at his or her disposal.

Finally, when he called on what appears to be one of the lone students of color in class things got really awkward.

“Jean Carlos, we’ve known each other for a long time. I’m an old white guy, alright, OK. You’re brown. I don’t think of you as brown, you don’t think of me as white. You’re John Carlos and I’m Mr. Lowe. Once you get to know people tags go away.”

Clearly he does think of him as brown, since he felt the need to point it out. I’m sure that kid appreciates being put on the spot like that too. He’s also pushing the color blind thing, which ironically SJWs would admonish him for because they think it’s racist.

Normally I’d be against having kids record their teachers, but it’s clear after the events this summer that BLM has become mainstreamed, so we have to monitor what’s being pushed on our kids in school. Superintendents and principals have given their teachers permission to push a racist anti-police agenda, so now teachers will feel emboldened to brainwash your kids with it. This is unacceptable. We’ve already given them Hollywood, the media, social media, corporate America, professional sports leagues, and colleges. We can’t just keep handing over institutions to BLM without some pushback.


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