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Poor Behavior

Teacher Nicole Griggs Tells Students She Hopes They Die Painful Death From Coronavirus For Standing Together In Public 


Nicole Griggs is an Algebra teacher in Hamilton, NJ. During this pandemic she has bravely stood at the front lines of defense by patrolling neighborhoods and berating crotch fruit and their parents for being free.

The fact that we are living in a culture where someone sees nothing wrong with bragging about how they told a child that she wishes illness upon them, tells you everything you need to know about Team Lockdown. It’s terrifying that these parents living freely are allowed to be free, but the fact that a woman who routinely wishes death upon children so that she can prove a point, is a teacher, is not scary at all.

This weekend Ms. Griggs was taking her dog for a walk when she saw a couple of her students standing in the park. But instead of asking them how they are doing, or seeing if they need any assistance, she decided to berate them and tell them that she hopes they die.

“Go ahead post it, who you gonna show it too?”

Again, the fact that she thought she wouldn’t go viral for telling kids she wants them to die from a deadly disease, is indicative that society has lost its mind.

It’s not possible to go faster from “I’m trying to save your life,” to “I hope you get the coronavirus and die.” And that about sums it up, doesn’t it? Team Lockdown don’t really care about anyone’s health. They just like exercising power and shaming other people for being not living in fear.

Unfortunately Nicole Griggs took down her Facebook page after the New York Post got wind of the story. But as you saw from her other posts, this wasn’t her first rodeo.

“You are the problem, not the solution.”

The Karens and the Coronabros all think their way is the right way, and everyone else wants to kill old people, even though there’s no evidence whatsoever that standing in a park is killing people. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the psychopath telling kids that they should die while she takes her non-essential dog for a walk, who is the real problem.


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