Teen Group “F The Police Boston” Led By Adults Harasses Mayor Walsh At His Home At 6 AM On Father’s Day For Not Abolishing The Police


Yesterday morning was father’s day, which is already a very confusing day in Dorchester, but it got more confusing when neighbors woke up to asshole protesters chanting outside of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s house at 6 AM, demanding he defund the police.


“Hey Marty, come out, we got something to say. If you don’t cut the budget get the f*** out the way.”

Imagine pandering to people like this? That’s what people like Marty Walsh try to do, and then it fails miserably when he only cuts 2% of the police budget instead of their “demand” for 10%.

The group of students doing this is call “FTP Boston,” AKA F*** the Police Boston.” I wrote about them last week when City Councillor Andrea Campbell agreed to meet with them.

Her response on Twitter?

“F*** the Police Boston is a group of young Bostonians who organized a peaceful march of hundreds last week and are speaking out about racial inequities and injustices in our cities and schools. You should listen.”

Hard pass. Unlike you I don’t take marching owners from a bunch of privileged teens propped up by ideologically driven adults. These people LOVE to hide behind kids – David Hogg, the angry little girl from the North Pole who yells about climate change, and now this.

The KKK throws a mean pancake breakfast too, but that’s not what we remember them for. Congrats on “speaking up inequities in the schools,” but at the end of the day the group is called “Fuck the Police Boston,” and grown adults are hiding behind them as they harass and shout profanities at the Mayor’s house on Father’s Day.

This woman appears to be the leader.

Think of how hopeless and pathetic your life is if you have to hide behind and organize mobs of kids to do your dirty work. “Liza” plays it off like she’s just reporting on what they’re doing, but she was at Marty’s house and seems to know exactly where the group of teens is at all times.




Newsflash – there isn’t gonna be a new Mayor. The democratic establishment thinks you’re a joke. It’s why they all turned on your God, Bernie Sanders, and it’s why they will never buy into your defund the police nonsense. Because they need your votes, they know how to placate you, but ultimately they’re grownups who understand that we can’t cut police resources in a city plagued by gun violence.


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