Telegram And Gazette Takes Out No Trespassing Order On Uncle Turtleboy For Livestreaming Attempted Clive McFarlane Confrontation


While I was out enjoying Donut Friday with the crotch fruits today I came back and found this delivered from the Sheriff’s Office:

So last week I walked into 100 Front Street and began live streaming. It’s a building that’s like, 20 stories tall, and the Turtlegram has an office on the 5th floor. I walked up to the receptionist, holding the camera in her face, and making it blatantly obvious that I was video recording. This was in response to Clive McFarlane writing a hit piece on me and my Ma Dukes in the Turtlegram and Gazette, in which he said Turtleboy “promotes pornography.”

I asked the receptionist where Clive was, she said she didn’t know who he was, tried calling him, and had no luck. I then wandered around other parts of the building looking for him, asking random people if they’d seen Clive, and no one had even heard of him before.

Of course the Turtlegram went crying to their lawyer because the blogger they took libelous shots at had the minerals to confront them in a building that doesn’t belong to them. The lawyer realized that what I did wasn’t illegal, but he decided to run the bill up on them anyway by pursuing this, because that’s what slimy lawyers do – they take money from idiots with deep pockets. Hey Turtlegram employees – remember this the next time you don’t get a raise. This is what your company is willing to spend money on while cutting your benefits.

Just to be clear, I’m 99% sure what I did was not illegal, anyone can get a no trespass order at their place of business, and a Judge did not sign off on this:

I know of only one state that criminalizes hidden recordings even when there is no reasonable expectation of privacy and that is currently being challenged in the courts. That state is Massachusetts.  However, the case law there indicates that if you are holding your phone in a way that could be reasonably looked at as recording then they “know” and it is not hidden, the fact you didn’t announce it doesn’t matter..

My phone was being held up and pointed at everyone I spoke with. I couldn’t have made it more obvious they were being recorded. This is no different than walking into McDonald’s and recording the cashier, which happens all the time.

Either way, I temporarily took the video down, but reserve the right to put it back up if I want to. It’s just not worth hiring a lawyer to fight this for a video that’s 2 weeks old anyway, which I can’t even make money on because YouTube constantly demonetizes us too. However, if a lawyer who values free speech reads this and wants to reach out regarding legal implications, you can email [email protected]

Here’s the tricky part though – my tax guy is in that building. I’m pretty sure from reading that notice that I’m only banned from the 5th floor, since the Turtlegram can’t ban me from a building they don’t own. If not, it’s gonna be hard for me to pay my taxes. Just sayin.


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