Tewksbury Police Deny They Will Be Removing Unmasked Kids From School After Superintendent Pens Email Saying They Will, Defund The Police Crowd Demands Police Arrest Children


This is Tewksbury Superintendent Christopher Malone.

Like many superintendents he has been asked what he will do with students who refuse to comply with the unnecessary, unscientific, and abusive mask mandate. If schools start suspending massive amounts of students it will look really bad for them, and in-house suspensions won’t be an option if kids refuse to wear masks in there. So the question is – will schools call the cops on kids who refuse to wear masks? In Tewksbury the answer is yes, according to this email sent out by Malone to parents:

State-wide Mask Requirements (08262021)


As Superintendent, I am pleading with all parents to please refrain from utilizing our schools as a platform to play-out these emotions and divisions. Simply put, the schools are for learning in a safe environment, not a place where students and staff members should be interjected into this debate. 

The pro-mask child abusers have already utilized our schools and our children as a platform to play out emotions and division. Students absolutely should be interjected into this debate since they’re the ones effected by it. Stop trying to silence the voices of children Chris. I implore the children of Tewksbury to disobey this “mandate” and be free.

Last year we had very few, if any, issues with the mask mandate and we hope this continues for this school year.

Last year kids were just happy that you let them go back to school. Then this summer they didn’t have to wear masks anywhere, and still don’t have to wear masks anywhere in town. Don’t expect compliance this year.

Our staff is always willing to assist a student or parent who is having difficulty and we will continue to implement appropriate mask breaks, and take advantage of outdoor spaces where masks are not required.

If there’s nothing wrong with forced masking then why would kids need a break from it?

However, to be clear, students who outright refuse to wear a mask with the intent of non-compliance specific to the State mandate, and do not qualify for an exemption, are not in a condition to attend school.

Not in a condition to attend school? Nah, they’re good.

Although I have heard of a small group of parents who intend to challenge this by purposely sending their child to school without a mask, it is my hope that we can come together to support the safe learning of all students and not let this happen.


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Students who do not comply with this requirement will meet with the building Principal and their parents to discuss whether the student is in a condition to attend school in a manner that is safe for the student and others in the building, and may be subject to progressive discipline for deliberate non-compliance.

Translation – kids who don’t wear the masks have to meet with the principal, who will tell them that they have to wear a mask, even though they already know this and are intentionally breaking the rule. They’ll make up lies about safety in order to get them to comply, and then if they don’t they’ll hand out “progressive discipline” (whatever that means) for the crime of breathing.

It is my hope, and I ask all parents to support, that our schools not become the place where these issues are played-out. We will continue to work with the Tewksbury Police Department to provide a defined police presence to ensure all students and staff are safe during our return to school.

Oh good, they’re going to turn the schools into a police state. Remember last year when these same people were demanding cops be pulled out of schools so that we don’t criminalize children? All it took was a virus with a 99.9999% survival rate amongst children to turn the schools into a North Korean concentration camp.

There’s just one problem though – Superintendent Malone forgot to consult with the police first. Turns out they want nothing to do with this and announced they wouldn’t be participating in this charade on Facebook yesterday.


This is what leadership looks like. Every police department in the state should issue a similar press release. Officers did not go through the academy so that they could arrest and remove children from school for breathing. But the TPD’s failure to criminalize children peacefully protesting government overreach has made some people quite upset!

Yea, the thing about that is that cops arrest people who are breaking the law, and the DESE doesn’t create laws. Sorry that cops won’t sign on to be your fascist enforcement agency. Maybe if you want them to back you up then you shouldn’t openly support a racist hate group that seeks to abolish the police.

Just sayin.

Who will be there to defend our teachers from COVID? Someone should invent a vaccine for this virus or something.

Actually, it’s not a “mandated law” Kathi. Maybe you should spend more time understanding the meaning of words and less time adopting the fashion styles of Wilma Flintstone.

Turns out she’s actually the smartest woman in Tewksbury, and we all must listen to her.

Oh look, someone figured out the copy and paste function on their computer. She actually might be the smartest person in Tewksbury after all.

Patrick Nichols was also quite upset that the police would not turn into the mask Gestapo.

This is the individual we are dealing with here.

Under no circumstances should you ever take a person like this seriously. He is a clown, here for our amusement. Nothing he says actually matters, and his opinion does not have to be respected by anyone with the ability to think for themselves. Luckily the TPD seems to understand that and will be acting accordingly. Other police departments would be wise to do the same.


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