The Patriots Might’ve Lost But At Least No Players Threatened To Kill Pats Fans While Calling Them Racial Slurs And Demeaning Their Mothers


It was a bad, but necessary night for the Patriots last night, losing to the most classless organization in the NFL – the Baltimore Ravens. The last time we started 10-0 was 2015 and they ended up finishing 12-4 and not making the Super Bowl. We don’t need to revisit what happened the only time the Patriots ever went 16-0. Meanwhile, last year we lost to 5 teams that didn’t make the playoffs and we ended up winning the Super Bowl easily. That’s why we needed a loss like this – because the Patriots are most dangerous when Belichick and Brady have something to prove.

Although you hate losing to Baltimore, there was a silver lining here – at least no one on the Patriots threatened to kill a bunch of fans and media personalities while calling them racial slurs. Because that’s exactly what Cleveland Browns safety Jermaine Whitehead did after the much ballyhooed franchise lost their fourth straight game to the lowly Denver Broncos, who were playing with a backup quarterback. Watch #35 on this play.

Not good.

If you recall, Whitehead was ejected from a game against the Patriots last year after punching David Andrews in the helmet. Aside from that I’d never heard of this guy before, but now everyone knows who he is after he went full ratchet on pretty much anyone who had something negative to say about his performance. It began with former NFL player turned reporter Dustin Fox, whose job it is to criticize players and coaches when they perform poorly. Whitehead didn’t like this and responded in kind.

It I were to guess the NFL franchise in which the first player told a reporter that he was a “b**** mad ass lil boy,” a “f*** ass cracker,” and invited him to “come get it in blood,” I would guess it would be Cleveland or Cincinnati. Or anyone from the AFC North really. This could never, ever happen on the Patriots, unless it was a diva All-Pro receiver we used for a game to beat up on the Dolphins.

Now imagine if a white player called a black member of the media “boy,” followed by a racial slur of his choice, and threatened to smoke him. It would likely be Trump’s fault of course.

Fox never responded to Whitehead’s tweet, but he had some choice words for people who responded to him.

Remember that time Devon McCourty threatened to kill a Patriots fan who criticized him on Twitter. Good times.

He was literally giving out his address to so called “crackers” to fight him.

He threatened to shoot another random nobody, but unfortunately he ended up getting destroyed worse than he was by Noah Fant.

Best comeback ever. It’s funny because it’s true. Reminds me of this great Jay Cutler shirt they used to sell outside of Wrigley Field.

I regret not buying that.

He was replying to DMs on Instagram too.

“Tell ya mama suck my d*** for her salty you broke b****.”

I don’t even know what all that means, but it sounds important.

The most amazing part about this is he actually attended Auburn University, which to me completely destroys the idea that any of these people are “student” athletes. My two year old son could beat him in any competition that involves saying words or thinking.

Finally this happened a couple hours ago.

His Twitter account was suspended shortly thereafter, which has to be the first time I’ve ever seen a blue checkmark verified professional athlete deplatformed by a social media company. Unfortunately his IG was not suspended, so his b**** a*** is still saying crazy things and threatening fans less aggressively on there.

He actually just took that post down too. Looks like he really learned his lesson. Not sure how many NFL teams are looking for a guy who barely made a roster, is a defensive liability, and threatens fans on social media, but there’s always the Jets I suppose.

At least he’s got his t-shirt business.

Oh wait, they took that down too.

Look for him to be selling food stamps on Facebook any day now.

The lesson here is simple – if you insist on threatening to kill fans while calling them racial slurs on Twitter, make sure you’re a franchise quarterback, an All-Pro receiver, or a first round draft pick. If you’re a marginal guy who’s lucky to be in the league in the first place, it’s probably best to have a coke and a smile and shut the f*** up.



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