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The Premier Of “Framed – Commonwealth Vs. Karen Read” Starts At 9 PM Tonight


Tonight at 9 PM on our YouTube channel we will be premiering a 33 minute video called “FRAMED – Commonwealth vs. Karen Read.” We’ve been working on it for a while to sum up the case in its entirety as quickly and concisely as possibly for you to share with people who have never heard about this story before, and don’t have 10 hours to read through our 66 part installment. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch.


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  1. Was really informative, wrapped up the connections for all who helped cover up John’s murder. Just one suggestion, the video was really fast. The next one should be slower so the viewer can take in all the information. I’ve been following you during this investigation and i still found it hard to keep up.

    Thank you for all the excellent reporting.

  2. Great job Aidan
    Know your busy
    But . . .

    We want more

    Maybe start a Breaking Canton Murder Mystery Tour
    Duck Boat
    Aidan on the bullhorn
    Giant cooler of Gansett talls
    Rolling Turtle Boy thunder

    Ends at the pizza shop
    Hit the restroom

    I’d pay $100 bucks np
    Turtle Riders are known great tippers
    More bonus for Unc

  3. I keep hearing that people at Matt Kelly’s Pub may have inside information on what happened at 34 Fairview Road. Allegedly the owner of that bar and his wife are also part of Canton’s swinging community. The owner is a former 2nd in command at the Boston Police department.

  4. Just watched it, great job unc, keep up the heat. 14000 views, I wonder who a few of them are?? Hmmmm?

  5. The more I think about Jen McCabe, the more I think that her husband Matt was directly involved in the murder. Why else would she place herself and her family in so much potential trouble for her brother in law and nephew? Nicole Albert never got herself involved at all.

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