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The Woman Maryellen Sikes Harassed Weston Police On Behalf Of During Viral Traffic Stop Video Is A Career Criminal Who Deals Drugs And Keeps Guns Near Her Kids


Last month we did a blog on a Weston woman named Maryellen Sikes who is so woke that she routinely harasses the police whenever they pull a brown person over, because there’s nothing racist or patriarchal about a white woman who assumes that black and brown people want or need her help.

A month later we’ve now learned the identity of the woman in the video, who Maryellen was white knighting for.

Eddylka Rodriguez. Give her a Google and watch what happens.

She has quite the resume:

Perhaps most egregious of all is her use of dog filter and duck faced selfies.


Newsflash – assuming that someone is innocent because they’re black or brown is no less racist than assuming someone is guilty because they’re black or brown. And that’s exactly what this woman Mary Ellen Sikes did – made a racist assumption about a woman because of the color of her skin.

People who call other people racist more often than not are projecting because of the racism they harbor deep down inside. Seek therapy.

Nevertheless this woman, who now has been confronted with the undeniable fact that the woman she went to bat for is a drug dealing career criminal who keeps her children around drugs and guns, insisted that the cop was the racist one for doing his job, and the lifetime criminal was actually the victim of sexism.

So now the cops are racist because they didn’t spring for the free Uber ride back to Framingham. My question is, what were they doing in Weston driving a SUV with unregistered plates in the first place?

Don’t worry, I totally don’t think they were there to rob someone or do something related to drug activity. It’s totally out of character for her. I’m sure they were just there for a book club meeting or to hit up the farmer’s market for organic squash.

I’ll tell you what Mary Ellen Sikes would never do – invite Eddylka Rodriguez over her house for dinner. She likes her black and brown folk in theory, but not in actual practice. She wants to save them, she just doesn’t want to be friends with them. After all, that’s why Mary Ellen and her partner Bennett (try to get WASPier than Bennett and Mary Ellen from Weston – you can’t) choose to live in a house worth more than $1 million in the wealthiest town in Massachusetts.

They also own property in Somerville worth nearly another million dollars too.


It’s a good thing Bennett has money, because I’d be calling up Michelle Carter looking for life advice if I had to live with his wife for more than 15 minutes.

The real question is, how does Eddylka Rodriguez still have custody of her kids? She’s still posting pictures of them on Facebook, and not the kind of pics from the DCF visitor’s room like individuals like this usually post. Seems like DCF missed another obvious red flag.

P.S. Maryellen Sikes is still listed as the secretary of the Weston Democratic Town Committee. I guess democrats don’t mind openly associating with racist white women like Maryellen.


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