“There Are Pros And Cons Of Child Abuse” – Chicopee City Councillor Lucjan Galecki Defending Controversial Facebook Comment During Interview On TB Live


Three months ago we blogged about Chicopee City Councillor Lucjan “Kielbasa Kenny” Galecki, after he posted on Facebook that it was a woman’s fault if she was sexually harassed, claimed that women constantly sexually harass him, and explained to women how they can avoid having loose vaginal openings.

Chicopee does not have a recall option in their charter so there were calls for him to resign instead, but he has refused.

Lucjan returned this week when a woman posted in a Chicopee Facebook group that her son was beat up by 4 kids at a playground. He jumped in and said that parents could help their children avoid getting beat up like this is they just abused them more like his parents did to him when he was a kid.

Someone really needs to keep this guy off the Internet.

Masslive wrote about this earlier in the week and he claimed his statement was taken out of context.

But it definitely wasn’t taken out of context. According to his post, what his parents did “would be considered child abuse today,” and he told this woman that if her kids were “used to getting hit extremely hard by an adult like when I was a kid,” then they would be better off. He literally told her to abuse her kid so he can grow up and be tough like Lucjan.

Even his friends and family on his Facebook page tried to explain this to him, but he wasn’t hearing it.


I invited him on the live show to discuss this topic last night (click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and always get content first by watching the show every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night at 9 PM), starting at the 32:15 mark, and as usual he found a way to make it worse.

Me: “So you’re saying that abusive parents are doing a good job?”

Kielbasa Kenny: “I’m not saying that they’re doing a good job, but it does have its benefits so you can’t look at it all negatively.”

Me: “So, you’re saying that there’s pros and cons of child abuse.”

Kielbasa Kenny: “Exactly.”

Saying there are pros and cons to child abuse is not the political hill any politician wants to die on, nor is likely the point that Lucjan thinks he’s making. But it’s still what he said, because Kielbasa Kenny is quite possibly the least polished elected official in the history of politics.

My thoughts on Lucjan Galecki are that he’s relatively harmless. He’s not a threat to women or children (thankfully he doesn’t have any), he’s just a moron who can’t articulate the points he’s trying to make, has no filter, and can’t shut up on social media. He is incapable of thinking through anything and hits the enter button before evaluating the implications of the insane things he’s saying. The most remarkable part about this is that he got elected to the City Council in the first place.


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