This Guy Who Will Slit Your Throat If You Don’t Let Him Come To Your Party Is The Reason Why I’ll Never Go To Hampton Beach


This is Norman Howard.

He’s a lifelong criminal who spends most of his time in the revolving doors of Maine and New Hampshire prisons. And over the weekend he was walking around Hampton Beach, looking for a party. Unfortunately for him people are hesitant to invite a stranger into their house at 2 AM when their face looks like the Sistine Chapel, and he was denied access. Naturally he did the only thing he could do in this situation – tried to assault a woman and stabbed her boyfriend in the neck.

And that is why I don’t go to Hampton Beach unless I’m doing a blog on it.

His Facebook is a real trip, and as you’ll see he’s not the least bit afraid of heading back to the can. After all, he’s spent so much time there already.

“Only 7 charges.” Slow week.

According to people who commented those charges include burning a woman’s face, beating her up, stealing her kid’s social security cards, and threatening her repeatedly.

He’s also been arrested in New Hampshire for strangulation, four counts of domestic violence, violation of a protective order, and breach of bail.

Proving once again that judging a book by it’s cover is the smartest thing you can ever do.

He allegedly made a fake Facebook profile pretending to be this woman’s deceased one year old son.

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He’s not afraid of prison though because according to him he’s “breed for it.”

He gets taxpayer funded attorneys, who he refers to as “public pretenders,” and wanted to make it clear that he’s not going to pay the minimal amount that the court wants him to pay for this service. Oh, and he told the Judge to give him a Lewinsky.

Lest you believe he was embellishing, this incident was confirmed by other ratchets in court that day.

He also claims to be a member of the Hell’s Angels and says he’s looking forward to upcoming biker wars.

Luckily he’s been saving up for commissary, so I don’t think he’s that worried about prison.

Plus, he’ll be out in a year or two anyway, and he’ll be back slicing people who don’t want him to hang out at their Hampton Beach parties. Because God forbid we actually lock people like this up permanently


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