This Is What 16 Years Of Abuse Does To An Innocent Child


Three years ago the sister of a missing 16 year old girl from East Providence reached out to us to let us know that her sister, like her, had run away from her abusive transgender father Anthony “Ashley” St. Angelo. Both girls bravely came forward to ask if they could come on the Live Show where they spoke out about what they had been through at the hands of their abusive father. After writing about him he began to stalk my family and I ended up getting a restraining order on him as well. He is currently being charged in Fitchburg District Court with violating that order.

When abused 16 year olds reach out to us on social media we will always offer them a safe space and a comforting shoulder to report what happened to them.

I bring this up because on Wednesday the 16 year old daughter of a woman we have blogged about many times before reached out to our Facebook page. In 2020 I published an investigative series on Katherine Peter of North Attleboro, which included disturbing allegations of child and drug abuse.  I had no intention of ever mentioning her again, as she is one of those ratchets who thrives on receiving any sort of attention. However, this woman’s never ending harassment campaign and the messages I received over the past few days from her daughter were extremely disturbing.

Peter and her boyfriend Andrew Johnson live in North Attleboro and have had dozens of run-ins with law enforcement and DCF. She had her youngest two children permanently taken from her by the state in 2014. According to the Attleboro Sun Chronicle she failed to do what was required under her reunification plan. But in a compromise deal with DCF she was allowed to pursue custody of the older two children, as long as she signed over custody of the younger two. Eventually she did regain full custody of the older children 2018, but the home is extremely unstable, and no child should have to live through what they’ve been through.

On September 28, 2021, Johnson was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on Peter’s then 14 year old child, after pulling a knife on her. According to the police report Johnson attempted to cut her hand with the blade of a knife that he retrieved from the kitchen after arguing with the girl. He pushed her, pinned her to the ground, and dragged her across the apartment by her shirt.


Johnson was previously charged with and plead guilty to A&B on a household family member (Katherine Peter) in 2018 after he smashed her head into a kitchen counter while under the influence of drugs.


Yet she allowed him to remain in the house around her minor children.

After the incident with her daughter and the knife Peter obtained a 10 day restraining order, but did not pursue a full year order because he was still living with her. These sort of incidents were common in the house, but no child should ever be subjected to that or think that it’s normal.

Three months after the knife incident Johnson was arrested and charged against with A&B on a family member after assaulting her in front of her then 12 year old son. Social worker Kylie Ouellette and school counselor Sandra Bateman filed a 51A with DCF after the boy stated that he did not feel safe going home with Johnson in the house.

But people like Peter value their boyfriends over their children’s safety, make excuses for abusive behavior, and accuse their children of lying. Johnson moved back in a week later.

Since then Peter has been charged with violation of a harassment prevention order by stalking, threatening, and harassing a Boston woman because Peter believes the woman is associated with the Turtleboy blog. Peter’s boyfriend is also being charged with assault and battery on this award winning reporter by Boston Police after trying to push me down a flight of stairs outside of West Roxbury Courthouse after one of her hearings.

Kate Peter has spent the last several years stalking and harassing my friends and family. Here she is announcing on YouTube that she was going to send something in the mail to my parents home.

There are hundreds of clips like that I could share showing how deeply disturbed this woman is.

Peter has contacted multiple family members of mine at work via email, and attempted in vain to have the Holden Police file a litany of charges against me by making up easily disprovable lies that I’ve had to debunk. I have attempted to avoid writing anything about her because it’s a distraction and from the major news stories we’ve been breaking the last few years. But it’s been going on behind the scenes and no matter how much I ignore it she will not go away.

Two weeks ago Peter sent an email to the entire Wachusett Regional School Committee using a pseudonym of a friend of mine, alleging the same baseless nonsense that she always does, and urging members to contact DCF. Two ultra-liberal members who I have criticized on this blog before treated her seriously, despite a complete lack of evidence to back up any of the lies she was making up. Member Laura Kirshenbaum, a teacher at Hopkinton Middle School, replied to her by sending a link to contact DCF to report me.

Only Peter is this obsessed and unhinged to write an email like that. She has written many just like it before, using the exact verbiage and wording. She tried this same thing last year, harassing the Holden Police into investigating me, but to no avail. The irony of a woman who permanently lost 2 of her kids to to the state accusing someone else of being a bad parent is too ironic for words.

For years Peter attempted to use her daughter for content. In 2012 she launched her first failed YouTube career, forcing her then 6 year old daughter to call her a “retard” for a video she was making (1:25).

I couldn’t imagine my children, or any kids that age, being taught to use language like that, never mind posting it on YouTube for the world to see. This poor girl thinks this is normal, and my heart breaks for her.

Days later her four children were removed from her home after a visit from DCF. She then made another video where she went to Walgreens, pretended to be 7 months pregnant, and tried to buy the abortion pill.

Several times in the last couple years her daughter has run away from her abusive home environment. In the summer of 2021, when her daughter’s missing posters was shared on Facebook, she posted on Discord that she was worried her daughter was selling herself on the streets.

“We know there are ways on the street teen girls can make money.”

She has since gone on to repeatedly state that I made this claim, when in fact it was her who suggested openly to strangers that her daughter was a teen prostitute.

If someone actually cared about their daughter the last thing they’d do is air this information to complete strangers, but she does this a lot.

Peter has a YouTube channel with 26K subscribers that she calls Masshole Troll Mafia. She uses the channel to cast judgment on others in an attempt to deflect on the harm she has caused her own children. She gaslights her subscribers into believing that she is a well respected mother, and that anyone who criticizes her is a threat to children. She is being charged with multiple crimes, and is being sued in several courts, but has convinced her “troll mafia” that she is actually a victim and raised over $60K via GoFundMe as a result.

Peter frequently uses her daughter for content to prove to her followers that she’s actually a good mother. She shares intimate details about her daughter’s personal life, and has threatened to weaponize her daughter against her enemies when she gets older. In this clip she tells hundreds of her followers that she incentivizes her daughter to do chores by offering her cigarettes as a reward, allows her kids and their friends to smoke weed in the house, and lets her daughter’s boyfriend sleep over the house and provide them with condoms. She defends her abusive boyfriend, claiming that he is not a batterer despite “putting hands on me once or twice.” She mentions getting into physical altercations with her daughter, including one incident where urine was thrown at her. Peter goes on to protect her abusive boyfriend, claiming that her daughter lied to police about having a knife pulled on her. She claims that her daughter begged her to stop posting about her but that she refuses to.

“You can tell that she lied a couple times because she was upset.”

Any mother who calls their abused child a liar in order to protect her child’s abuser is no mother at all.

Nevertheless she has continued to post images of her daughter on social media, trying to convince strangers that she’s actually a good mother. She says that anyone who is worried about her daughter due to years of abuse and trauma is “obsessing over my teenage daughter.” One time she brought her to sit outside a hotel in Boston that a rival of hers was staying at.






I had no intention of bringing any of this up in an article, but then yesterday Peter had her daughter message our business Facebook page (which is monitored by several admins) during school. The conversation was troubling, and it reminded me of Ashley St. Angelo’s daughters (he and Peter are friends).

We have never written anything negative about this child, but we have written about the crimes committed by her mother, as well as her history of abuse and neglect. There is nothing wrong with exposing child abusers. There is no way to explain what a horrible person Jeffrey Epstein was without pointing out that he had sex with minors. You can protect the identity of the victims while exposing the people who committed crimes against them.

When we got this message in our business inbox we knew it had to be handled delicately. This girl is the victim of years of abuse and trauma and has never experienced a normal, nurturing environment that all children deserve. I wanted her to know that I was not out to hurt her, and that I considered her a victim. If she wanted a blog down that she felt was hurting her in a negative way I would be happy to do so. However, it was important for her to know that her mother was the reason this had happened, and that it was inappropriate for her to be used as content. I know from my experience as a teacher that angry 16 year olds are not easy to reason with, and didn’t expect her to see the light. But I wanted to let her know that she was a victim and that she did not deserve what happened to her.


After that she started using graphic sexual language in an attempt to provoke me into lashing out at her. She said some horrific things about me and my family, including baseless lies and accusations that her mother has told her. I don’t fault the child for believing what she was told, but I’ve blocked out some of the more heinous things she said because it’s slanderous and horrifying that a child would write something like this to a stranger.

From my experience as an 11th grade teacher I know that kids who come from backgrounds like this are hurting, and you cannot take anything they say personally. They have been raised to fight and argue with adults and aren’t used to being shown love or affection, but as adults we can’t engage at their level. Her goal was to make me upset, get me to lash out at her, and then screenshot it, send it to her mother, and use it for content. No matter how horrible the things she said about my children were I was not going to give her what she wanted.



At this point I thought I was speaking to her mother, because Peter had been posting about the conversation on Discord (in red). Predictably she framed it as me harassing her daughter, despite the fact that she messaged us and was saying horrific things.

At this point a responsible adult would’ve taken the phone away from their child and told them to stop messaging immediately. But Kate wanted this to happen. She wanted to use her child as a weapon in her never ending crusade to discredit our factual reporting on her and Andrew Johnson. If a 16 year old abuse victim reaches out to us we are going to offer her guidance and help.

I eventually realized that it was the daughter who was messaging the page, but she was doing so at the direction of, and in coordination with her mother. She sent a picture of a school bus seat and called me a retard.

Sounds familiar.

Her daughter seemed to take pride in the fact that she could use derogatory sexual language toward an adult, because this is what her mother has raised her to believe is normal. Peter has repeatedly said that she is proud of her daughter for doing so. The teen began saying horrible things about my children, hoping I would finally snap, but I never did. At this point an admin began to respond to her before ending the conversation.

(For the record, 5 year olds sometimes have missing teeth because their baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth later on.)

Her daughter is now commenting all over our YouTube page today during school hours. Last night Peter posted on her channel that she was proud of her daughter for “roasting the ever loving dog shit out of you,” after her daughter showed Peter screenshots of her saying derogatory things about a 5 year old. She told me to bring my own kids to the dentist because their baby teeth fell out 2 years ago.

And therein lies the problem. Kids are not supposed to be our friends or help us troll strangers on the Internet. If your daughter shows you that she’s sending messages like this:

And your reaction is to compliment her for “roasting” an adult, rather than taking away her phone, then you are a failure as a parent.

Peter claims she’s going to her daughter’s school to complain that she is being cyberbullied by a 40 year old man, when in reality she is urging her daughter to harass and spew vitriol at someone. She claims she has gone to the police about it as well.

I did not want to write this blog today as there are much more important people we should be exposing. But the fact of the matter is that nothing disgusts me more than people who abuse their own children. I’m writing this to show the world what the end product of this sort of parenting has on innocent kids. This poor girl had limitless potential. She just needed love, compassion, and positive attention. Instead she was subjected to years of abuse, and this is the end product. It’s tragic, and it breaks my heart.





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