Thompson “Dog Whisperer” Profits Off GoFundMe With Tall Tale About Being Beaten For No Reason After His Most Recent Arrest 


This is Keith Racine from the Thompson-Putnam-Danielson area.

He owns a business called “K-9 1-on-1 Companions for K-9’s,” and happy customers refer to him as the “dog whisperer.”

He recently posted something on Facebook that has been widely shared, alleging that he was the victim of a violent crime, but yet he was the one who was arrested.

Oh yea, this checks out. Some random guy, whose exact age he knows, asked him what he does with dogs and invited him to his house to see what he thinks about his ginger colored pit bull. He gets there and is attacked for no reason, and can’t remember anything after that so he needs witnesses now. All he knows is that two and a half hours after the attack he was mysteriously arrested on charges of interfering and breach of peace.

Sounds legit. I’m sure there are no missing details here and he did nothing wrong to deserve the beating or the arrest.

Now his page is filled with people blindly expressing their sympathy for him, and a $5,000 GoFundMe has been created for lawyer fees. Ever since the alleged incident he’s been whining on social media about how difficult life is, and complaining about the lack of public outcry about his story, which makes no sense at all.

Its like Failure Swift all over again. “Why isn’t the media or the police doing anything? I’ve presented a vague story filled with holes, about me being the victim, and I demand attention!”

He said that his attackers (who are now plural) had been plotting this against him for 14 months as a way to get revenge.

But earlier he said that it was some random guy in a store. Now he’s known them for 14 months and says there’s a back story, which of course he doesn’t get into.

He made a video about how hard life is, in which he pretends to cry, and complains that the police don’t care about him.

Do they not have Big Macs in Danielson? I’ve seen the McDonald’s on the way to Foxwoods. I think he should be more concerned with the fact that he looks like a Unicef commercial before and after the alleged beating.

He bemoans the “country hick lynching” that happened, and complains that there isn’t enough public outcry, while dressing like he’s trying out for a Mark Twain novel.

He says there’s more to this story than meets the eye, claims there’s a history that’s been going on for the last year, and then doesn’t explain what that history is.

He blames “authoritative figures” and says they’re not helping him out because there might be some sort of pay off going on, just don’t quote him on that. This obviously makes his story much more believable.

He bemoans the fact that the Troop D State Police aren’t “supporting” him, which is probably because there’s much more to this story and he’s not actually a victim.

Naturally some people were skeptical about it, but they were chastised for not not being compassionate.

This lady who knows him says that there’s a lot more to this story, and predicted she would be blocked.

We took those screenshots last night. Today they’re gone. Almost as if Lassie licker doesn’t like being called out as a fraud.

Meanwhile Keith Racine has quite the checkered past. He was foreclosed on in 2017 and dragged it out as along as possible.

He was arrested in 2017 for sixth degree larceny.

Last year he was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of a vicious or barking dog.

Shortly before that there were a bunch of comments and negative reviews on his business Facebook page from people who said they were bit by dogs under his care.

Then there was his 2016 New Year’s Ever arrest for “Open MV under influence of alcohol or drugs.”

He also posts really weird stuff about his demons.

OK then.

In conclusion, the guy with a past criminal history of substance abuse, larceny, and dogs who allegedly bite other people, suddenly is the victim of a crime in which he was somehow arrested, he has no details or evidence to back up any of his claims, and there’s a GoFundMe raising money for him after he coincidentally was foreclosed on.

If Keith would like to come on the Live show to discuss this more, or explain what really happened, I extend this open invitation to him.


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