Three Foxboro Natives Arrested For Assaulting A Quincy Police Officer At Chinese Restaurant, Interfering With Arrest, Disorderly Conduct


These are siblings James and Kelsie Morahan of Foxborough:

And this is their friend Mike Farrell, also of Foxborough:


On Saturday night they went out for drinks to Cathay Pacific, a Chinese restaurant in Quincy. Unfortunately for them they made a series of really poor decisions that ended up with all of them in handcuffs. Here’s the Quincy Police reports from that night:

And from other cops responding:

To hear the more colorful analysis of this arrest report feel free to read it on TBS by clicking hereBut in a nutshell Farrell was asked to take his face out of a 50 year old woman’s chest by a cop, James Morahan then attacked the cop, punching him several times before finally being subdued by backup when they arrived. He was tased and pepper sprayed twice, and while this was going on Farrell and Kelcie Morahan were interfering with the arrest and shouting obscenities at law abiding customers. For that they were also arrested.

All of them seem to come from good homes in a wealthy town, none of them seem to have any other arrest reports, and Kelcie Morahan and Farrell have good jobs at respected companies. This proves that a good upbringing doesn’t always translate to good adult behavior.

Kelsie graduated from UNH where she played field hockey.

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And according to her LinkedIn she works as a pricing analyst for Martignetti Companies.

Which seems like the ideal place for her since it appears to be a wine distribution company.

Her brother wisely seems to have no social media presence at all.

Farrell is a UMass Isenberg School of Management grad who works for Homesite Insurance as an accountant supervisor.

I understand that when you consume too much alcohol it can lead you to do things you normally wouldn’t sometimes. But this is obviously crossing several lines, and quite frankly Farrell is lucky he didn’t end up getting shot, because the officer would’ve been within his rights to do so. All three of them deserve to be arrested and should probably avoid scorpion bowls in the future.


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