Tik Tok Recovery Mom Contacts Media, Lies About Lesbian Discrimination, Urges Junkies To Harass Westerly Principal For Not Letting Truant Daughter Attend Prom


This is Crystal Carey from Westerly.

She’s a recovering junkie with a Tik Tok account that documents her journey through sobriety, 7 years after her husband died from drugs when she kicked him out of the house.

The videos are mostly her responding to people who tell her that junkies are capable of making the choice to do drugs because drug addiction is a “disease” that takes away your agency.

Home girl gives tutorials to her “recovery kings and queens” about how to take methadone, the drug that replaced the other drug that makes you think you’re no longer addicted to drugs.


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According to her videos she has 6 kids, lost all of them at one point, but now that she’s a Tik Tok recovery mom she’s got a job and “owns a business,” which is almost always code for “I try to get my Facebook friends to let me be their Herbalife coach.”













“Educate yourself.”

“Shame on you.”

“We do recover.”

Sorry, but there’s nothing about this face that says “educate,” “shame,” or “recovery.”


Over the weekend Cruela De Pill made a video and several Facebook posts alleging that her daughter and her girlfriend were banned from the prom because of their proclivity for scissoring. The real reason they weren’t allowed in the prom is because they both had so many absences that they were put on social suspension and not allowed to attend school events. But in the video Crystal Bad Breath baselessly accuses the Principal of discrimination, and pulled a “what about” by bringing up unnamed other kids who supposedly sold drugs in class and were allowed to attend. She readily admits that their money for the tickets was refunded double back to them, and said that her daughter was the victim of discrimination.


If your immediate inclination is to ask your junkie followers on Tik Tok with your Newport Lights voice to harass your kid’s high school principal for enforcing school rules then I kind of understand why you lost your kids in the first place.

If your immediate inclination is to contact the media and advertise yourself as a shitty parent with a truant child in order to shame the school for doing their job, then you are a horrible parent.

If you lie and claim that your daughter is the victim of homophobia, when in fact she’s just being held responsible for all the days she missed, then your kid is probably gonna grow up and be just as much of a failure as you are.

Claiming that you’re going to hold a principal accountable for the crime of holding your truant semen demon accountable is everything that is wrong with the world today. A responsible adult never lets it get to this because they don’t let their kid miss that many days of school. A responsible adult tells their kid if they do get suspended that they have to accept the consequences and take responsibility for missing that many days. 

But these guttermuppets have spent their entire lives whining that their choice to do drugs and lose everything wasn’t their fault, so they wouldn’t have the first idea how to teach their kids to be responsible either.

Mom urged her daughter to speak with the principal and record him without his consent as they complained about how unfair he was being.

One of them was over by 4 days and the other way more than that. It’s really simple – if you can’t follow the most basic rule of coming to school, then you don’t get to do the fun stuff associated with school. The students are completely in the wrong and the principal should be commended for doing his job. Kids will naturally complain about this, which is when the adults are supposed to step in and use it as a teachable lesson.

Of course almost no one questioned her or asked why her daughter missed so many days, but a lot of people gave Cruela De Pill the pity she was seeking.  Some other ratchets chimed in about how their kids were being held responsible too! She urged everyone to contact the media and said she had been in contact with several reporters.


She then made up more lies about her daughter not being able to use the girl’s locker room because she’s a lesbian.

And another student chimed in and said that he was the victim of discrimination because he’s transgender and two kids who made fun of him didn’t get banned from the prom.

Kids like this didn’t exist when I was in high school because adults and the media didn’t lie to us and tell us that we could pick and choose our gender like it’s an Applebees menu.


We are raising a generation of self-obsessed narcissists who have never been told no and constantly seek victimhood status. I don’t know who that young man’s parents are, but I can tell you that they’ve completely failed in their obligation as caregivers.

A responsible reporter who got a phone call from a recovering junkie looking to smear her daughter’s school for holding students responsible for truancy, would politely tell them that they’re not going to cover that story. But because it’s “pride” month, and Cruela De Pill was pushing the fake lesbian angle, NBC did a story on it:

Westerly school leaders are clearing up confusion after a pair of teens say they were turned away from prom at the door without warning, but the school says they never should have gotten tickets in the first place. Ireland Ashe and Jada Perry said when they arrived together at their senior prom, they were turned away at the door.

“When we went there it was just, ‘You guys can’t be here’,” Perry said. “I feel like the kids that had more than what we had were able to go because of that reason, because their parents are teachers or cops, so I just feel like they choose their favorites.”

“I think he was picking favorites,” Ashe said. “They did say like it’s because of your absences and stuff like that. The dean should have mentioned from the start your daughter cannot go to prom seeing the fact that she’s on social suspension. That conversation never happened.”

“Prom is very important,” Perry said. “I think every senior should be able to go to prom no matter what the circumstances are. I feel like the kids that had more than what we had were able to go because of that reason, because their parents are teachers or cops, so I just feel like they choose their favorites.”

Oh, she thinks every senior should be able to go no matter the circumstances. Well then, I guess the rules don’t matter anymore because….feelings. We should just reward kids with something they haven’t earned as a thank you for being truants.

Mom claimed that nobody told her that her kid had more than 20 absences this year, and thinks she should’ve had the chance to appeal the suspension, as if this is small claims court.

But as it turns out that was also a lie.

However, the district’s superintendent, Mark Garceau, said in a statement, “Unfortunately, throughout the year, a number of students are placed on social suspension (making them ineligible for athletics, dances and other social events) due to excessive absenteeism, tardiness and/or failing grades. Social suspension at the high school level exists as a matter of school committee policy.”

“While a small number of students were not allowed to attend prom due to being on social suspension (and were informed that this would be the case well in advance) this is the sole reason for them not being allowed to attend,” said Garceau in a statement.

He said they were told well in advanced of the weekend that they would not be eligible to attend prom. Garceau provided NBC 10 an email sent to one of the girls on May 13, saying she wouldn’t be able to go to prom due to her attendance record. Both Ashe and her mom, Crystal Carey, said they didn’t receive any communication indicating she wasn’t allowed to go.

“I was never told that my child could not attend prom or any other activity,” Carey said. “I was never offered an opportunity to appeal any decisions of activities being removed for my child. There was no conversation ever took place about her attendance.”

Translation – you were too lazy to read your emails, just like you were too lazy to get your kid to school.


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