Tiverton Woman Alleges Racism Against Fall River Youth Football Program After She Was Kicked Out Of Kid’s Practice By Police 


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Meet Tashia Baker from Tiverton.

This model of health and fitness caused quite the stir with a post yesterday alleging racism against her son’s youth football team, the Fall River Falcons, after she was kicked out of a practice and had the cops called on her.

She wants us to believe that a random unnamed woman randomly began calling her 6 year old and her mother in law (I know it’s Fall River, but in laws implies there’s a marriage, which no one in Fall River is familiar with) the n word. It just so happens that not a single other person says they witnessed this, and she only began throwing the accusation out there after she was forced to leave by the police.

Nah. Hard pass on that one.

The woman she claims yelled the racial slurs repeatedly is named Rachel, who just so happens to the current girlfriend of her son’s baby daddy. So if this was true it would mean that Rachel was calling the 6 year old son of her boyfriend the n word, and he had no problem with this, despite being there too.

It would seem that Tashia might be jealous of this woman, and is making up lies to smear her character after acting ratchet in public and embarrassing her child. In my experience people who project that guys want them because they all want women who have more rolls than the Olive Garden, aren’t really happy on the inside.

It wasn’t just the baby daddy’s girlfriend that was racist either; the coach was allagedly racist too.

She hates playing the race card, except when she needs it to blame someone else because she can’t control herself at a kid’s football practice if her baby daddy’s new and improved girlfriend is there.

And in a totally non-ratchet move she also announced that she brought bail money with her (and knew the exact amount that bail costs off the top of her head), and she named her other son….

King. Studies have shown that if you name your child “King,” they have absolutely not shot in life.


Of course she also alleges that the racist white cops allowed this to happen.

“All the witnesses I had.”

I must’ve missed all those witnesses coming forward. I did see witnesses come out and call you a liar, including a black woman.

I must’ve missed all of the people corroborating her story though.

She also wanted to make it clear that she would never embarrass her children, unless she embarrassed her children.

As it turns out it’s not her who looks stupid here – it’s the other parents who didn’t get kicked out of a youth football practice after the cops were called on them.

Of course.

Unfortunately a lot of people blindly believed her, because we’re living in an era where people blindly believe everything they read on the Internet.

So who cheated? Kerri or Trey? My money’s on Trey.

Despite admitting that she was kicked out for being loud and obnoxious, Tashia also claims that she spoke to the President and was “respectful.”

And when someone pointed out that they might be getting the whole story, she said that she was just speaking “my truth.”

There is no “speaking my truth.” There is only THE truth. “Speaking my truth” really means “I’m lying but you can’t prove it.”

Unsatisfied with the fact that no one believed her unverified story, Tashia announced that she was going to do more damage by harassing the youth football team’s sponsors.

People who contact advertisers when they don’t get their way the worst people on earth.

So it’s really up to you to decide if you believe here. On the one hand is literally everyone else who was there and disputes her account. On the other hand is a grown woman who uses dog filters, regularly falls for viral race hoaxes, yet claims this is the first time she found out racism is real, hates the n word so much that she uses it regularly, and refers to herself as a “boss b****” and “full time money” (which is ratchet for “unemployed and terrible”).

If I had to guess I would say she’s lying. But I’m more than willing to have her on the Live show this weekend or tomorrow to discuss it with her. Tashia, if you’re reading this you can message me here on Facebook.


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