Tony Branch Posts That He Was Lynched After Southeastern Regional Superintendent Calls On To Resign Over “Disturbing” Allegations Detailed On Turtleboy Daily News


Breaking News: Southeastern Regional School District Superintendent Luis Lopes sent out an email today to parents, faculty, and students officially calling on School Committee Chair Tony Branch to resign as a result of the allegations made against him, which were first reported on Turtleboy Daily News.

The allegations are indeed deeply disturbing. It’s a shame that it took a massive push from parents and students to get them to take this action. Tony Branch’s selfish refusal to step down has created a distraction for the school district, and he is unfit to choose its next superintendent.

Branch only got on the board because no one else ran. His 3 previous attempts to run for office did not go well when there were other choices on the ballot.

Vice Chair Stephen Udden has also asked for Branch to step down.

None of the other 8 members have issued a public statement.

Branch did not take the news well.

He has since deleted that post, claiming to have been lynched by Luis Lopes. He has not commented on whether or not he will be resigning.

Branch is still suing me for reporting on all of this, and it will be going to trial. If you’d like to donate to the Turtleboy Legal Defense fund, please click here. This is free for Branch since he’s pro se and indignant. But for me it’s going to cost $15,000 to defend the First Amendment.

I was in Brockton Superior Court with Tony Branch today when this email was sent, so he didn’t see it until afterwards. However, he put on quite the show in court, which we will be talking about on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in then.

In court today Tony said that he contemplated offering me a settlement of $1 to end this because of all the problems the blog has caused him at Southeast Regional. But Tony did this to himself. His lawsuit against Turtleboy wasn’t just an attack on me and an abuse of the court system, it was an attack on everyone’s First Amendment rights. If litigious pro se defendants and public figures like Tony Branch can use the courts to silence criticism of them then our entire democracy is in danger. I had no intention of writing about him and didn’t even know who he was until he sued me. I offered to take the first blog down about him in order to avoid litigation, and did so as a sign of good faith. But he got greedy, thought he could extort me for $600 as part of his latest scam, and didn’t think I had the investigative skills to find out who he really was.

Now you’s can’t leave, Tony.

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