Top 50 Most Noteworthy, Effective, And Influential Stories Broken By Turtleboy; #40-31


The critics will say Turtleboy isn’t real news, but the facts show that over the last 8 years we’ve written countless stories that exposed problems in our society that no other media outlet was willing to look into. As a result of our reporting corruption has been exposed, bad people have been fired from positions of power, criminals have gone to jail, future victims have been spared, mainstream media lies and narratives have been debunked, and the world has become a better place. This week we’ll be running down the most noteworthy, effective, and influential stories broken by Turtleboy in our history, starting with #50-41 on Monday, #40-31 on Tuesday, and so forth until we get to our Top 10 on Friday.


40. Nicki Evans. A beloved Milford firefighter took his own life late in 2019, and his wife Nicki posted incessantly on Facebook about how much she missed him. However, upon further investigation she was the one who drove him to suicide by openly cheating on him with cops and firefighters in town, and claims she was with him when he loaded the gun. Within weeks she was blaming him on Facebook and posting pictures with new men.

Result – forever vilified as the town whore, no longer seen as sympathetic widow.



39. Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend and brother lies about being harassed at Patriots game. The world’s introduction into how horrible Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews and his brother Jackson were began on Turtleboy after the duo claimed they were harassed by Patriots fans at the worst reffed game of all time in 2019. However, we obtained video footage of her doing all the harassing, and analyzed Patriots fan cam footage which proved that no one was bothering her the entire game.

Result – Patrick Mahomes rumored to have banned both his brother and girlfriend from attending games in person starting in 2022.



38. Mayor Joe Petty calls his won supporters “friggin morons” on a hot mic. After Trump was elected former disgraced City Councillor Michael Gaffney put an item on the agenda that would ban Worcester from being a sanctuary city. Mayor Joe Petty organized a protest against Gaffney before the meeting began, but the problem is he brought way too many people and they wouldn’t shut up when the meeting began. Not realizing his mic was on Petty called the protesters that HE brought to the meeting “friggin morons” and “not educated.” He later apologized, but then the next day after a local lunatic who stands on street corners claimed that it was him who called the protesters morons, Petty allowed this man to take the fall for him in a bizarre press conference in which he explained why he gave the fake confession the previous day.

Result – Everyone laughed at Petty and realized he was lying but he got re-elected 3 times since and is now the longest tenured Mayor in Worcester’s history.

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37. Lorrayna Calle. In one of the most bizarre stories we’ve ever written, a Worcester woman named Lorrayna Calle messaged us pretending to be the mother of her husband’s 7 year old daughter, acting confrontaional in hopes we would blog about the actual mother. She even doctored a Facebook post I made and accused me of posting the mother’s DCF records. I figured out it was a setup and spoke to the mother, who informed me that Lorrayna had previously assaulted her daughter, and had since been threatening to murder her and the girl because she didn’t want her husband to be associated with the child. She was arrested after sending us pictures and threats outside the child’s elementary school. After that she arrested again for threatening another woman and spent Christmas 2019 in jail. She was released when COVID came and continues to occasionally threaten me with text messages to this day.

Result – Went to jail, had a restraining order put on her, no longer allowed anywhere near the child.



36. Talbert Swan. A well known “Bishop” and political activist with a huge following on Twitter became famous for attacking Donald Trump (and white people in general) and race baiting from Springfield. Upon further review we discovered that the influential head of the NAACP was a convicted criminal who spent time in jail for larceny, owes $82K in child support, used his church to scam contractors he never paid, didn’t pay taxes, and wrote a book about the dangers of homosexuality while accusing others of homophobia.

Result – Swan immediately blocked TB accounts on Twitter once he realized his image was affected, but the story still haunts his credibility to this day.


35. Bruins Marketing VP and Boston Globe reporter coverup story we broke about Charlie Coyle’s BPD logo being photoshopped out of IG post.¬†During the height of the George Floyd protests it became risky to openly support police, so when Bruins forward Charlie Coyle was photographed with a BPD Hockey logo on his shirt, Marketing VP Matt Chmura and Boston Globe reporter Matt Porter conspired to have the logo photoshopped out for an IG post. Porter had previously criticized Tuukka Rask for wearing a BPD hat (and got destroyed by Brad Marchand), and we later received emails from Chmura calling the police on laborers who were working outside on homes in his town of Cohasset without masks on.

Result – Chmura was humiliated and either resigned or was fired (he no longer works for the Bruins), Porter continues to make a fool of himself at the Globe, and the Bruins now openly support the Boston Police without fear or censorship.



34. Meth Mile COVID junkie cages. Turtleboy Investigates discovered that in order to stop the spread of deadly disease Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had ordered all the drug addicts on meth mile to be put in literal cages where they were free to shoot up heroin and ignore COVID mandates, so long as they stayed in the cage.

Result – Kirk Minihane Show did a walkthrough after the blog was written, showing even more horrifying conditions, but meth mile continued to be a designated drug zone in Boston until Mayor Walsh joined the Biden administration.



33. Kevin Perry. An ex-con drug dealer named Kevin Perry appeared to be a great rebound story after buying businesses and property in Worcester, but in 2017 it was discovered that this was all a result of more drug dealing and he was arrested. While in jail Perry began having his friends blast his wife Stacy Gala on Facebook with accusations of infidelity, and also alleged that he got a harsher sentence because his business partner Joe Herman took $430K in drug money that he could no longer turn over to the feds. Perry accused Herman of sticking a finger in his wife during a threesome gone awry, which turned out to be accurate. We looked into Herman and found that he had spent all the drug money money taking Hooters waitresses he was banging on vacations and investing it into a new restaurant. Herman reached out through a friend to ask us not to write the blog because it would implicate him, but we refused.

Result – Perry got 14 years in jail, but also got revenge on Herman and his ex-wife, Gala got 6 months house arrest for money laundering, and Herman got 22 months in jail for spending the drug money on another restaurant and his Hooters mistresses.


32. Greg Bates. An unemployed man with no background in restaurants formed a Facebook group called North Shore Eats, and weaponized the 35,000 members against restaurants who wouldn’t pay him cash or in gift cards, to avoid paying child support. He also pretended to kill himself in text messages to his kids, went to jail for not paying child support, used fake Facebook accounts to brag about his own sexual prowess, left a $4 tip on a $300 bill that he paid with gift cards, pocketed money he said he was raising for an autism foundation, and rigged raffles for people who gave him extra money.

Result – Temporarily investigated by the police, continues to use the North Shore Eats page, but no longer is able to extort local businesses like he did before.



31. Cece Telfer. Turtleboy became the first media outlet to report that Franklin Pierce’s star male track and field athlete Craig Telfer became a woman named Cece for his senior season, and proceeded to destroy national records in the hurdles. This became a much larger national story after the Daily Caller cited our reporting, as Telfer would’ve possibly challenged for a medal at the upcoming women’s Olympics.

Result – due to Telfer’s dominance the blog gained national attention in conservative media (which credited TB), and led to a conversation that ended with Telfer being banned from competing as a woman in the 2020 Olympics.


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