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Poor Behavior

Townsend Nurse Vows To Poison Candy By Having COVID Patients Cough On Wrappers In Order To Prevent Trick Or Treating In Town

This is Tina Huff, a nurse from Townsend.

Throughout the “pandemic” Tina showed up and did the job she’s paid to do, and wants to let you know that she’s very important. Way more important than you.

But it’s not enough that you genuflect and thank her for being a nurse. You also must punish your children in order to show your respect for her. And with Halloween coming up Tina took to a local town Facebook group to let people know that if their children trick or treat this year then they’re literally killing her.

She’s so important guys. She held someone’s hand when they were dying and wants you to know about it. She can’t even go home to her family for the last 8 months. She literally hasn’t seen a single person and lives in a tent in the woods. And it’s all your fault because you selfishly want to take your kids trick or treating. Shame on you.

Sadly most people seemed to agree with Nurse Nutella, since we are living in a nation of cowards who would gladly strip children of some of their most memorable life events in order to avoid contracting a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate. One person did challenge her assertion, and he got a mouthful of vitriol in return.

Every day the rules of how commie cold is transmitted change. Sure, most people who “follow the science” will tell you that the virus is passed through the mouth, which is why we are forced to wear masks. But evidently now it passes by touching candy wrappers.

I just can’t believe people this stupid are in charge of health care. If you’re dumb enough to think COVID gets passed by touching plastic wrappers then you are disqualified from having anyone’s life in your hands. You’re just way too dumb to get the job done. If you could pass the virus this way then everyone who went to the grocery store would get it. You would be forced to purchase everything you touch, even though multiple other people touched that product in the course of it getting to the grocery store.

Anyway, Tina wasn’t going to sit by idly and allow people to threaten her life by letting their kids trick or treat,  so she did the only thing a health care professional could do – threaten to poison her candy by having an infected COVID patient spit on a tissue that she would then smear all over the candy wrappers.

A nurse wrote that publicly on Facebook and saw nothing wrong with it. And yes, she is in fact a registered LPN.

But she probably shouldn’t be, since she’s literally threatening to use her proximity to COVID patients in order to poison children with a virus that couldn’t kill them anyway. Just sayin.


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