Traffic Dispute In Pittsfield Forces Many To Miss Green Light Due To Reach-a-round 


Here’s a fun video out of Pittsfield to start your day, featuring two upstanding citizens who elected to hold up traffic at a green light in order to determine who was the Berkshires biggest hardo.

This took place between the library and the high school, which is ironic because all parties involved in this have likely spent very little time in either building.

At least when rathetry like this goes down in Pittsfield you have beautiful scenery in the background to look at. Those hills sure are pleasant a pleasant distraction when two hillbillies are playing grab ass in traffic on Route 9.

It’s not entirely clear how it began, but Mesh Shorts Moses was giving up at least 30-40 pounds to Tony Timberlands, and was in quite the predicament when the video began.

But he rebounded quickly, got his arm around Tony Timberland’s male fupa, and then used his head as a battering ram that he drove directly into Tony’s own car.

Well played. Not his first rush hour throwdown.

At that point he knew his only move was the Route 9 reach-around.

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Just grab some honch and hold on for dear life.

There were several punches thrown, but as usual in these bootleg World Star videos, exactly zero landed.

Then all of a sudden a woman emerged from the passenger seat to see what all the fuss was about.

At this point they had reached the “do something,” portion of the fight, in which both parties yell “do something,” but neither does because they’re both terribly out of shape and no longer have the energy to keep fighting for mating rights with the woman in the passenger seat.

I’m not quite sure how it ended, but the road rage trophy wife got out of her car and appeared to block Tony Timberlands from driving away.

This of course prevented Mesh Shorts Moses from driving away too, unless he was willing to let Tony Timberlands keep her, which would be an acknowledgement that he lost the mating rights, which seems unlikely.

The real losers here are all the people behind them who were 2 minutes late because two grown ass men had to play grab ass at a green light because they couldn’t put their pride aside during a traffic dispute.


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