Transgender Activist Publicly Shames Kroger Employee On Twitter Account With 80K Followers For Not Making Customer Wear Mask 


Danielle Muscato is a transgender activist from Louisville.

As you can see this ultra woke version of Greg Hill makes absolutely no effort whatsoever to look like a woman. He’s literally just a middle aged fat balding dude who puts on a dress and demands to take a dump in the women’s room. He is the kind of guy who appears in memes that Curt Schilling gets kept out of the Hall of Fame for retweeting, allegedly because people like him are a right wing myth.

He was just a crazy guy on Twitter of no particular significance until he got lucky in December 2016 when he replied to a Trump SNL tweet and got retweeted and liked hundreds of thousands of times. Many people have built careers off of replying to Trump tweets, and overnight he gained 50K followers and a blue checkmark.

He once used this fame to try to crowdsource for an attorney after being arrested for protesting for legalized pot, even though this attorney allegedly said he’d defend him for free.


He’s also really oppressed because capitalism makes him cut himself shaving, or something.

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He’s a modern day real civil rights hero.

Just when you thought he couldn’t get more obnoxious he decided to pull a David Leavitt at a Krogers over the weekend by shaming an employee for not forcing another customer to wear a mask.

He couldn’t be more horrible if he tried. Not only is he the kind of person who demands you refer to him as a chick despite clearly a man, he’s also a rabid Karen mask nazi who uses his platform (built off a lucky Trump reply tweet) to shame low wage workers on the front lines during a pandemic. Poor Andy there looks like COVID wouldn’t treat him nicely if he got it but he shows up to do his job anyway, because unlike the teachers union he’s not a baby who expects to be paid to sit at home.

He thought he was going to be a hero for this, because for the most part people who follow radicals like him are pro-mask. But he forgot that you’re supposed to publicly shame customers who don’t wear masks, not the employees whose hands are tied by corporate policies that prevent them from forcing customers to wear masks. Nevertheless he persisted.

“I feel unsafe here.”

If you feel unsafe from COVID you should just give up on life because even if you caught it you have almost no chance of dying.

Anyway, Target Tori, the Massachusetts woman who David Leavitt attempted to shame in similar fashion back in January, came to Kroger Andy’s defense and set up a GoFundMe to go on a vacation, just like the mob did for her when she was in his shoes.

They’ve raised over $20K. So it turns out Internet mobs can be used for forces of good when people unite around a pure villain like “Danielle” Muscato.


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