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Transgender Athletes Dominating Connecticut Girls Track Are Not Happy That Their Victims Are Fighting Back In Court


It’s easy for Greta Thunberg to be a champion to end climate change. That’s a political topic that’s going to get her pats on the back and covers of Time Magazine. What’s not easy is for kids to take a stance on an issue that they know is right, but will lead to them being labeled as a bigot by the same people who worship the likes of Greta Thunberg. That’s exactly what three girls in Connecticut are now doing.

WHDHThe families of three female high school runners filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girls sports. Selina Soule, a senior at Glastonbury High School, Chelsea Mitchell, a senior at Canton High School and Alanna Smith, a sophomore at Danbury High School are represented by the conservative nonprofit organization Alliance Defending Freedom. They argue that allowing athletes with male anatomy to compete has deprived them of track titles and scholarship opportunities.

“Mentally and physically, we know the outcome before the race even starts,” said Smith, who is the daughter of former Major League pitcher Lee Smith. “That biological unfairness doesn’t go away because of what someone believes about gender identity. All girls deserve the chance to compete on a level playing field.”

“Forcing girls to be spectators in their own sports is completely at odds with Title IX, a federal law designed to create equal opportunities for women in education and athletics,” attorney Christiana Holcomb said. “Connecticut’s policy violates that law and reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women.”

The Connecticut Association of Schools-Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference says its policy follows a state anti-discrimination law that says students must be treated in school by the gender with which they identify and the group believes the policy is “appropriate under both state and federal law.”

The lawsuit centers on two transgender sprinters, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, who have frequently outperformed their cisgender competitors. The two seniors have combined to win 15 girls state indoor or outdoor championship races since 2017, according to the lawsuit.

The three plaintiffs have competed directly against them, almost always losing to Miller and usually behind Yearwood. Mitchell finished third in the 2019 state championship in the girls 55-meter indoor track competition behind Miller and Yearwood.

“Our dream is not to come in second or third place, but to win fair and square,” Mitchell said. “All we’re asking for is a fair chance.”


It’s great to see Chelsea Mitchell is one of the three girls. No one has gotten screwed over as bad as she is by this obvious injustice. Her sophomore year she finished in third place after losing to two biological boys.

Looks fair.

She knew that the two boys were both sophomores, so she’d never have a chance at a state championship, even though she’s the fastest biological girl in the state.  It’s happened to her several times since.

Compare that to where Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood would finish against the boys.

They might “feel” like girls, and I do sympathize with them for that. I’m sure it’s not easy. But the fact of the matter is that we separate sports by biological sex, and biologically they are both male.

Additionally, it’s patently unfair to girls who compete in events that include biological boys. Chelsea Mitchell has the misfortune of being a sprinter, where these two boys compete. But no biological boys compete in distance running, so girls who choose to run the 2 mile will not have to worry about this (for now).

At big track meets the first 6, 7, or 8 girls in the prelims qualify to advance to the finals. In Connecticut it’s 7, and Selia Soule (one of the plaintiffs) is almost always on the outside looking in.

The other girl is Lee Smith’s daughter, which is awesome because everyone loved Lee Smith in Boston. Nice to see a father actually standing up for his daughter rather than watching this nonsense transpire and remaining quiet.

Boys beating up on girls doesn’t just affect the individual girls from losing though; they also affect the team scores. Terry Miller’s team (Bloomfield) won the state title last year because they had him. We crunched the numbers and they speak for themselves.


Of course the boys are mad that the girls are actually standing up for themselves:

Yearwood, a senior at Cromwell High School, and Miller, a senior at Bloomfield High School, issued statements vehemently defending their right to run in girls events.

“I have faced discrimination in every aspect of my life and I no longer want to remain silent,” Miller said. “I am a girl and I am a runner. I participate in athletics just like my peers to excel, find community, and meaning in my life. It is both unfair and painful that my victories have to be attacked and my hard work ignored.”

No, son, you are a boy. You were on the boy’s track team as a freshman, where you were above average. Now you’re on the girl’s team and you’re smashing state records left and right that will never be broken until another boy comes along. What’s unfair isn’t that you’re being “attacked,” but that a human being with boy bones, muscles, testosterone, and the effects of boy puberty, gets to compete against girls who have none of those things. Spare the me the “it’s painful” nonsense. How do you think a kid in a wheelchair feels about this? You don’t have a God given right to win state titles in track and field.

The fact that he believes that he wins state titles because of his hard work shows you just how ignorant these kids actually are. I coached track for many years. A runner like Terry Miller could dedicate each and every minute of his life to track and not sniff a boy’s state title. But all he had to do was show up and there was a 0.0% chance he would lose to a bunch of girls. Just look at what he did last year in the New England Championships.

Or better yet, watch what this dude Terry does in the second leg of the 4×400 at the New England Championships (4:32:15).


End of lap 1.

End of lap 2.

And that was after winning New England titles in the 55 dash and the 300 meters.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it will represent the transgender teens and defend the Connecticut policy in court. Attorney Chase Strangio, deputy director for Trans Justice with the ACLU LGBT & HIV Project, said transgender girls also are protected by Title IX.

“The idea that the law only protects the individuals with XX chromosomes as compared to individuals with XY chromosomes is found nowhere in the legislative history of Title IX, in any implementing regulation or in any other aspect of the interpretation of Title IX over the last 50 years by the courts,” he said.

You know why Title IX doesn’t say anything about XX or XY chromosomes? Because they couldn’t predict how insane the world would get 50 years later. Because normal people know that boys are boys and girls are girls and they are not interchangeable.

Hopefully these brave young women will be pioneers for my daughter, so she won’t have to fight these battles when she’s older. Anyone who supports this is a misogynistic, patriarchal d-bag who wants to undo all the gains made by the women’s rights movement.

If I were running for political office this would be the only issues I talk about. If you asked 100 liberals if they were cool with this 90 would say no. It’s the winningest issue of all time, and pretty much nobody is talking about it.


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