Transgender Beverly Man Asks Strangers To Give Him Birthday Money So He Can Take His Kid To Dave And Busters


This is Michael Pizzi from Burlington.

He is a grown man who thinks he can become a woman by changing his name to Samantha and forcing people to use incorrect pronouns while addressing him.

He’s also decorated both of his arms with spots and may be transitioning to a jaguar or leopard as well.

But at the end of the day he’s just a mentally ill man with facial hair and a penis who can’t stop talking about himself, and wants everyone else to humor him by pretending that he’s female.

The other day Mrs. Trouser Troutfire posted on a Beverly Facebook page announcing that it was his birthday, and asked strangers to pay for his daughter to go to Dave and Busters as a present to him.

And you just have to assume that the money will go to his daughter, even though the Venmo is in his name. Because for some reason this grown man who claims to have a job can’t afford to take his daughter to the arcade. Probably why people on his Facebook page are threatening to take him to court for the $400 they paid him.

He seems like a pretty trustworthy guy and a great family man though, considering his previous arrests for A&B on a family member and domestic assault and battery.



It still boggles my mind that we live in a society where mentally ill men like this get to pretend that they’re women and we’re all just supposed to go along with it or else we’re the bad guys. He doesn’t care about the long term damage this will have on his daughter because all Michael Prizzi really cares about is himself. It’s why his social media is entirely filled with selfies and references to being “trans,” and doesn’t seem to mention his daughter at all. If I’m “transphobic” for not embracing this:

Then it’s a label I’m proud to accept.


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