Transgender Man Who Attacked Billboard Chris Identified As Brooklyn Kelly, Says He’s Under Attack And Hormones Are Making His Mental State Worse

*Editors Note* Chris joined us on the Weekend Live Show (9:50) to discuss what had happened to him. Click here to subscribe to our channel.

Earlier in the week we published an article about a Vancouver Police Officer who allowed a mob of violent transgender men to violently assaulted Billboard Chris while he was attempting to engage people in friendly conversation about the dangers of genitally mutilating children. Officer Buchmann, along with at least 30 other officers, stood by and did nothing as Chris was attacked, then refused to make any arrests. Although we identified the cop, we never identified the man who screamed “F*** YOU” dozens of times directly in Chris’ face before assaulting him.

But we have now. Meet Brooklyn Kelly.

He is a man in his 40’s who has been taking hormones for one year, which to him means that he is a woman. Brooklyn appears to be an Ohio State graduate now living in British Columbia, and has a TikTok account where he posts videos about his recent journey into becoming a woman. He explains how he was born biologically male, but chooses to express himself in a “heteronormative female way,” and that if you don’t understand what that means then “you need to read a f***ing book” because it’s not his job to explain this made up nonsense to you.

He had been urging people to go to this event for several days prior, and presented himself as some sort of victim who was at risk. He called concerned fathers like Chris Elston “hateful assholes.”

People in this man’s cult will tell you that the mental health crisis they suffer from is a result of not being able to be their “true authentic self.” But Brooklyn Kelly is now taking hormones in order to pretend to be a woman, using women’s locker rooms, forcing other women to see his “twigs and berries,” and demanding that people use she/her pronouns when addressing him. So he should be much happier right? Well, according to Brooklyn himself it’s actually a lot worse because the hormones exacerbate the pain he feels waking up as a dude every day.

Doesn’t this person seem happy?

Like over 50% of people who identify as transgender, Brooklyn admits that he is autistic.

He  called the day that he attacked Chris his “one year HRT birthday,” and said that his voice needed to be heard because he’s under attack.

Ya got that? The man who sought out a peaceful person in a public park, yelled vulgarities at him, encroached on his personal space, and then violently assaulted him, is under attack.

He’s so oppressed that corporations like Bud Light are hiring dudes like him to be the official spokesmen for women.

The Vancouver Police have had 6 days to investigate the assault that millions of people saw on video, but have not made any arrests or filed criminal charges. Perhaps it’s because they can’t figure out who this dude is, so we did that for him. Feel free to tag @DeputyChow and @VancouverPD to demand that they arrest this violent criminal. 



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