Transgender Narragansett School Committee Member Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography After Vowing To Prove Innocence In Court


Today former Narragansett Regional School Committee Member Andrew “AJ” Robinson plead guilty to possession of child pornography in Winchendon District Court. He was sentenced to three years probation, is to have no contact with anyone under the age of 16, and will have to register as a sex offender, but will not serve any time in jail.

We first wrote about this story last summer when the biological man who dresses up as a woman and calls himself transgender was arrested. He loudly proclaimed himself innocent and said he would be vindicated in court. He also threatened his critics with his attorney husband, and made up baseless lies about me in order to discredit my accurate reporting on his crimes and behavior.


The media is going out of its way to refer to this dude as a woman, even though the files were charged against his legal dude name. AJ Robinson did not dispute any of the evidence against him and admitted to being stupid.

Yet he had no shortage of supporters who were backing him up and believed his lies that the allegations were false. He himself now admits they were all true.

Somehow this degenerate thought that he shouldn’t have to register as a sex offender, but luckily the judge wasn’t having it. He not only downloaded thousands of images of children being raped, he shared them with strangers as well (including FBI agents).


But he’s not the least bit apologetic, and immediately after pleading guilty AJ Robinson ran to Facebook to announce to his followers that he only plead guilty because he ran out of money. He vows to tell the “real” story.

And with that his plea deal should be revoked. He plans to continue to lie about what happened and deceive the community so that he can eventually have access to children. He’s not the least bit sorry or repentant. He has lost no sleep over what happened to the children that he used as masturbation material. Their suffering was his pleasure. He will reoffend, it’s only a matter of time. AJ simply saw a way to stay out of jail and took it. If there was any chance he was innocent he would’ve continued to fight. No one takes a plea deal where they have to register as a sex offender if they’re not a sex offender.

Robinson’s attorney argued that he was not a sexually dangerous person.

But what do you call a sex offender who gets off to images of little children being raped? What do you call a person who gets joy out of watching kids scream in pain as their innocence is stolen from them? What do you call a person who not only downloads things but then distributes them with others, if not sexually dangerous? What do you call a grown man who posts pictures like this on Facebook?

This is a man who was actively looking for “trans children” to take pictures of while he was downloading kiddie porn.

This is a man who believes that he is a victim because dressing like a woman makes him transgender. It’s why he’s hiding behind the “I was raped” excuse, and posting transgender memes so that progressives will rally around him.


No, you didn’t become a woman. That’s impossible because you have a dick. You can chop it off if you’d like, and make some sort of pouch inside of your body that you call a vagina, but at the end of the day you have XY chromosomes and will always be a man. No matter how hard you try you will never, ever be the only thing you wish you were – a woman.

AJ Robinson is a horrible human being who bathes himself in wokeism as a way to shield himself from legitimate criticism. But at the end of the day he’s just a convicted pedophile and a registered sex offender, and that is all he will ever be. He should move, because he’s no longer welcome in Templeton. But since I know he won’t move and he will be reading this, I just want to let AJ know that I will be visiting his salon in Templeton, and I will be asking any customer there on camera why they’re continuing to support a convicted pedophile sex offender. You don’t get to just return as a respected business owner in the community after something like this. If AJ comes anywhere near a child I’ll be the first one to report him to his probation officer so that he can end up where he belongs in prison. Turtleboy is watching you AJ.


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